Keep Your Drinks Cool With Chillsner #drinkwell

Chillsner Chillsner is the first and only in-bottle beer/drink chiller that keeps cold beer/drink cold from the first sip to the last whether drinking from the bottle or as you pour into a glass. Just freeze, insert into any bottled beer/drink, and drink right through the Chillsner.  Made from stainless steel, Chillsner uses the same proprietary thermal gel as the famed Corkcicle.

Chillsner in useMy husband isn't a beer drinker but he is a glass bottle Mountain Dew drinker. The Chillsner works great for my husband and fits like a glove in the bottle. With having very hot and humid days the Chillsner keeps my husband drink chilled. My husband even uses the Chillsner in his plastic water bottle at work. This past weekend I even used the Chillsner to keep my pop cold while I was outside with everyone having a cookout. I like how easy the Chillsner is to clean and how fast they get cold in between uses. I highly recommend the Chillsner for keeping your drinks cold without watering them down.

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14 thoughts on “Keep Your Drinks Cool With Chillsner #drinkwell

  1. Great idea and perfect in his warmer weather. What a great way to keep your drinks cold when entertaining outdoors, tailgating, or just around the House.

  2. This does sound like a good idea! And I think your husband is smart to drink his Dew from a glass bottle, lol! I remember when all pop was in glass bottles & I swear it tasted different then & better!

  3. What a nifty idea! We aren’t beer drinkers either but I see many uses for keeping drinks cold! Thank you for the review!

  4. Clever idea! I am not a fan of ice so this would be perfect for me to keep my drink cold.

  5. I do think this is a great idea,but I also
    drink mountain dew,but I never see it in bottles anymore.

  6. That is very clever! I don’t drink anything out of glass bottles anymore except for the occasional Izze or Jones Soda but I know some beer drinkers that would probably appreciate this as a gift.

  7. what a neat idea! I hadn’t heard of this before. Thank you for the review!

  8. I never chill my drinks, I drink most things at room temperature and my grandkids hate that. They would love this when they visit their grandma.

  9. A good product with many uses. This would be great for get togethers in our backyard. Beer and water bottles could stay cool and enjoyable.

  10. This looks great! My hubs would appreciate this for his beer. And my breastfeeding self would use it for jarritos! It’s so hard to keep drinks cool when its over 100 degrees outside.

  11. This is a pretty neat idea! I can definitely see using this for juice or soda bottles! I also like that the same company has created a bottle that can maintain temperature for several hours.

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