Keeping Up With #DogDentalHealth With Dentastix

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My two dogs Duke & Miss B love when we give them treats. So hubby and I headed over to PetSmart and we had one goal and the was to buy our dogs some Dentastix. We found the mother load of choices. What do we want to buy? What will our dogs eat? Do we have to just chose one?

DSCN1625Well since there was so many choices we bought 4 different styles of the Dentastix. Since we really didn't know what our dogs would like. We bought small and medium sized treats. The choices were great and we liked the selection we had to choose from. Plus the PetSmart employee that came and asked us if we needed help was very informative and helpful.

DSCN1627We I got home Miss B was excited to see what treats we had bought her and Duke. I layed all the treats out to get my picture and Miss B just kept smelling the Dentastix treats and wouldn't get out of my way till I had my son hold her. Miss B picked the Fresh mini Dentastix to try first.

DSCN1630Miss B was very into the treat and had no problem eatting the Dentastix. Duke on the other hand took some time to eat the treat and I think he only ate it so Miss B wouldn't. Miss B loves the Dentastix and her teeth just got a clean bill of health from the vet as she just had a complete check up. Duke is our picky eater and we have to search high and low for treats that he will eat. I have found with Duke he likes meat bones the best.

What do you do to keep your dog's teeth clean and healthy?


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6 thoughts on “Keeping Up With #DogDentalHealth With Dentastix

  1. So cute! Dental issues are a HUGE issue for animals–good to use methods to clean their teeth and get them checked regularly by a vet!

  2. I wish I had used some of these before my poor Scottish Terrier’s teeth got so bad they had to start pulling them. It wasn’t cheap either.

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