KitchCo Heat Resistant Meat Handling Claws #bbqclaws

DSCN9797The Meat Claws are the perfect pair for lifting, shredding and pulling all of your favorite meats.
    Made from Heat Resistant and easy to clean Nylon.
    Great for Indoor and Outdoor Cooking!
    Excellent Handlers to Toss salads, Lift a roast or turkey, Grab a baked potato, Pull and shred…The uses are endless!
    Heat resistant to 450°F


 These KitchCo heat resistant meat handling claws are very unique and they look like big bear claws. They are made of hard plastic and are very strong. You hold each one in your hand and each one has six large claws on it. When using the meat claws while making pulled pork they came in extremely handy. When I finished cooking the pork in the crock pot all day, I needed to remove the meat and I was easily able to remove the tender meat with these claws. The meat was very tender and was falling apart like crazy but these have six different claws on each hand and it supports the tender meat very well so it could be easily removed. Then it was time to shred the meat. This process usually takes a fair amount of time when using two forks and fingers to shred the meat. It was very simple with these claws and only took a very small fraction of the time. You just put the meat on a cutting board and rip into it with the claws. You can hold it in place with one claw while ripping into it with the other claw. This process is very simple and I really love these claws for this purpose. I was able to shred the huge hunk of pork in about a minute and thirty seconds. I liked this process so much better than using forks and my fingers. Clean up is a cinch since you can put these in the dishwasher.

What could you use these KitchCo heat resistant meat handling claws for?

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