LaVender 100% Natural – Welcome Value Pack

LaVender 100% NaturalTreat your body and soul with these 100% Natural products and feel the difference.

The Value Pack includes the following products in trial sizes:
Our wonderful Facial olive oil soap to clean and treat your facial skin (0.5 Oz)
Facial Olive Oil cream to treat your sensitive facial skin (0.2 Oz).
Facial Serum for normal to dry skin (0.1 Oz)
Therapeutic Foot cream to heal cracked and problematic foot (0.2 Oz)
Natural and Effective Deodorant – Rosewood (0.2 Oz)
Ecological Olive Oil Soap – Lavender Essential oil scented (1 Oz)
Spring Olive Oil soap with Neroli Essential oil that will make you fill the spring every day (1 Oz)

LaVender 100% Natural - Welcome ValuePackThe Welcome Value Pack came in a natural palm leaf, Which I thought gave this a unique look. This is a great way to try all the Lavender products to see if you like them or not. All the products were a enough to give you a fair try of the products.The best part of this value pack is that everything is 100% natural. I love how pleasent the Lavender smell is. I really like how the whole value pack looks that I plan of getting one for my friend for the up coming holiday.

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Lavender VP

Disclaimer: I got the Lavender value pack free to do this product review and was not paid for my response.

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5 thoughts on “LaVender 100% Natural – Welcome Value Pack

  1. What a set! A great way to try the products and find out what you like. This offers a nice variety and selection in one great gift.

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