Lavender-Scented Neck Heat Wrap

DSCN9219The Lavender-scented Microwave able Neck Heating Wrap is shaped to relief neck pain and provides aromatherapy. It stays on the shoulder and thick enough to wrap around the neck.

  • microwave, reusable, comes with a washable cover made of high quality anti-pil fleece
  • strong aroma from lavender buds for stress-reduction and aromatherapy
  • filled with flax seeds for soft feel and long lasting heat
  • ergonomically designed to stay on shoulders, weight-balanced
  • moist heat relaxes tired muscle


** Made in the USA product **


After working all day on my computer my neck gets tight and hurts. I like to pop the Lavender-Scented Neck Wrap in the microwave to get it warm and wear it around my neck while I relaxed in my chair and watch TV. I can feel my neck pain melting away. As you can see in the above picture, the neck wrap can even fit a big man. Our friend Rick saw the neck wrap on the back of our couch and tried it on after about 5 minutes he was napping.

DSCN9216I also got the Large Microwavable Shoulder and Upper Back Heat Wrap and this was used daily when my husband was passing kindney stones. I would heat this up and lay over his lower back and it would help ease the pain. I have used the back wrap when my upper back is hurting and I love it.

  • anti-pil fleece, cotton as the bladder cover
  • ergonomically designed to stay on your shoulder while walking around
  • the wide and extra long tail treats upper back muscles
  • the heat can last more than half an hour and increase your blood flow
  • filling doesn't shift, and the fleece cover keeps the heat and provide insulation to your skin


DSCN9218My cat Ghost wanted to be in the pictures I was taking and thought they were cute and wanted to share them with you.


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32 thoughts on “Lavender-Scented Neck Heat Wrap

  1. I also like the medium Travel pillow. When we are driving in the car my neck bothers me. This travel pillow would be a Blessing.

  2. I like that they have a fitting tool to make sure you get the product that will actually fit you.

  3. I like that they come in different sizes so there’s one that fits everybody. I’ve had similar things before that were on size fits all and believe me they don’t so i’m stoked about the fitting of this pillow.

  4. I discovered a microwave full-sized heating pad that would be wonderful for my mother. She needs a heating pad but doesn’t have access to many sockets to plug one into.

  5. I like the Lavender Microwave Large Heating Pad! There’s nothing better than some heat and the fresh scent of lavender to take away aches and pains!

  6. Ilearned that these pillows are firm on the head. and there fore you can get strong head support and the end of the pillow helps provide chin support which reductes head nodding when napping, I also learned that the cover is washable and they are filled with flax seed, sounds great to my old aching neck

  7. I’d really get a lot of use out of the Lavender-scented Large Microwavable Shoulder Heating Pad. My back and neck hurt all the time and this would give me some relief.

    P.S. I love your pics. Cute cats!

  8. I like the Heating Wrap for Lower Back or Shoulder. I would switch the pack from place to place. In the morning it would go on my should and the evening on my back.

  9. I am impressed by this ergonomic shoulder heating pad. It stays on your shoulder. The wide and extra long tail treats the shoulder as well as upper back muscles. I need something like this to relax.

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    Thanks for the contest.

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