Litter Getter: All Natural Litter Training Solution For Cats

Litter GetterIf you are that type of person that loves your cat and really want them to be happy, we really got something for you. Litter Getter replicates an outdoor environment for your cat, naturally attracting them back to the litter box, it smells fresh, it reduces the unpleasant ammonia-odors found in Litter boxes, enhancing the quality of life, for both you and your cat.

– Attract problem cats back to the litter box
– Assist in training kittens
– Reduce unpleasant litter box odor
– Comfy for cats with sensitive paws
– Clumps with all clumping litter.

Litter GetterWhere was this years ago when my cats were kittens lol. I have four cats and this last year has been a tough one for them with having to move to a new house, one of them getting a bladder infection and getting new litter boxes to try out. I now found a product that will help with my cats bathroom needs. Over the last few weeks I have put this in the litter boxes and I can say my cats are now using the new litter boxes too. With having four cats means having four litter boxes and when you have to buy a new or in my case review a new litter box it can be hard to get my cats to use it. I think it only took two days of using Litter Getter to get my cats to use all the litter boxes I have. I also have an automated litter box that two of my cats would not use and I have had it over six months. I mixed the Litter Getter into my bucket of cat litter and mixed it up and put the litter in all four of my litter boxes. After a day I didn't really see any thing but on the second day I caught one of my cats using the automated litter box and I had never seen her using it before. Then my son and husband on different days caught the cats all using all four of the litter boxes. I plan on buying more of the Litter Getter to have on hand for the next time we get a new litter box to review and to use if my cats start to not use a litter again. My four cats are older and Litter Getter worked with helping them to use all the litter boxes.

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HoneyI received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers..

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2 thoughts on “Litter Getter: All Natural Litter Training Solution For Cats

  1. This sounds great! We have a 7 year old cat who is litter box trained (Thank goodness for that), Our kitty uses the litter box several times daily and sometimes the odor is unbearable even though we use top grade kitty litter. I wouldn’t mind giving this product a try if it reduces litter box odor. Also, the clumping factor would help too.

  2. Love the way you start this post about loving your cats. We do love our pet, and it’s great when products help. I’m glad this worked for you. It can be a challenge training new pets or when you buy a new litter box.

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