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DSCN0764When I was younger I can remember begging my mom to take me to see the Little Mermaid when it was in the theaters. After I saw the movie I was like most kids and wanted everything that had to do with the movie. I know I got the Little Mermaid movie as a gift for either Christmas or my birthday but can't remember which one as my birthday is only two months after Christmas. My friends and I would always want to take the TV over so we could watch the movie.

    The Little Mermaid collection features the songs and score from the film by Oscar®-winning composer Alan Menken and lyricist Howard Ashman on Disc One, twelve work tapes and song demos performed by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman on Disc Two, and a collectible 20-page booklet.  Also included are liner notes by Alan Menken, John Musker (Co-writer, Director and Producer, “The Little Mermaid”), and Chris Montan (President of Walt Disney Music).

    The CD cover and 20-page booklet feature newly created artwork inspired by “The Little Mermaid” from Lorelay Bove, a visual development artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios (“Tangled,” “Winnie the Pooh,” “Wreck-It Ralph”). The CD booklet also includes a sampling of visual development art from the film, with notes by Dave Bossert, Producer/Creative Director at Walt Disney Animation Studios.

DSCN0769The art work in the booklet that came with the Little Mermaid CD is stunningly great. I love singing along with the songs and thinking back to my childhood. With the booklet I can see the song lyrics so I can make sure I am sing the song with the right words, even though I might not sound the best at singing them lol.

DSCN0766Little Mermaid Legacy Collection CD would make a great gift for any Little Mermaid fan. I was thrilled that I was given the chance to review this CD as I was a huge Little Mermaid fan as a child and now I can relive my childhood through the music.

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  1. They have not only got the Little Mermaids DVD but many others that my grandkids would really enjoy. Thank you for sharing this site

  2. They also have Fantasia, Frozen, Sleeping Beauty and Into The Woods Bundles in the Disney Music Emporium 🙂

  3. My family wasnt well-off as most but I made up for it with inspiration & use of imagination. I linked up with that of Disney and characters when I was inspired to read books! This was a learning stage! Thus I lost my opportunity to ever work at places like Disney when I was diagnosed with 2 medical conditions that required me to drop from my college courses. It was lot’s of fun to pursue that of plays, recital, choir etc in hopes to one day support my single-mother. She gave me the benefit of learning to not judge a person, place, thing or idea by what’s said / heard but…. I must take in the heart & should to let faith help me to decide my inner most feelings & follow my dream. As for what I have relearned: On November 18, it’ll be a day to remember, as it marks the day we became friends with Mickey and Minnie—and since then, we’ve all enjoyed the greatest of laughs & memories together!

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