LONEHOOD: Detachable hood that buttons to ANY collared shirt

Detachable hoodLONEHOOD™ – A lonehood is a detachable and adjustable hood that buttons to any collared shirt within seconds. You can wear it with anything by clipping the metal clips in the front together for a casual fit or buttoning the front for a tighter, more athletic fit. It is made for men and women and it fits right in your purse or pocket!

STYLE: The 2 buttons allow you to wear your hood inside OR outside of your collar!

COMFORT: The 2nd string allows you to adjust your hood around your neck for maximum comfort

CONVENIENCE: Lonehoods attach to ANY button down shirt by attaching to the top button. Men's & Women's.

WEAR-ABILITY: The clips in the front allow the lonehood to be worn with any, or no clothing. The hood can also be buttoned in the front for a tighter, more athletic fit.

Side view My son loves wearing the Lonehood all the time. My son will wear the Lonehood just to wear it for style. My husband likes the Lonehood because he can pull the strings to make it snug to his head. Now that my husband has tried out the Lonehood, they both are fighting over it. My son won the fight so far, so I think I might get a Lonehood for my husband for Christmas since he likes the hood too. I think the Lonehood is a great item to have for keeping warm or just for style.

Why wear a lonehood?
1. It fits in your pocket or purse and is more convenient than even the small umbrellas. 
2. When it is drizzling out. 
3. Wear it with your favorite coat or jacket that doesn't have a hood!
4. An extra cushion when napping!
5. To dry your hair after getting out of the shower without having a towel falling on your face. 
6. Wear it at the beach to block out the sun.
7. Wear it in the cold to keep your head warm.
8. Business casual style.

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Side view

Disclaimer: I got the Lonehood free to review and was not paid for my response.

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6 thoughts on “LONEHOOD: Detachable hood that buttons to ANY collared shirt

  1. Very unique and innovative idea. I like it when coats offer detachable hoods but hadn’t thought about having ones for shirts. I can see where this would be useful and convenient.

  2. If it gets a young man to wear a buttoned shirt, it can’t be half bad. We all love comfort & it is definitely helpful for cold or rainy weather.

  3. I think that this is a great idea . You can attach it to any shirt and it can provide protection in bad weather or just add style to a shirt.

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