Lulalu Stripes Weekly Calendar Pad

Note pad on mirror

With kids going back to school, it's time to get organized! Lulalu's striped weekly pad adds a fresh accent to your space while helping you own each day of the week. This nifty weekly calendar sticks to stainless steel fridges, glass, mirrors and more injecting a fresh does of personality and creativity into everyday spaces like the kitchen, office or even the bathroom! This calendar pad is perfect for keeping track of family schedules, daily chores, menu plans and more.

    50 sheets
    10 X 10”
    Sticks to any smooth, clean non-porous surface
    Reusable, non-toxic and leaves no residue

*** Made in the USA ***

Note pads

This is a really great item to have. I am always writing down my to do list or appointments and forget where I placed the paper I wrote them on. I use my Lulalu Stripes Weekly Calendar Pad on my mirror in my bedroom. I am so short and my mirror is placed high on my door so this worked out great. I placed the pad on the top of my mirror and I am now writing everything I need to do on the note pad. I like having this in my bedroom so I can keep my life's to do's private. The Calander pad sticks great and has been removed a few times to show people how it works and it is still holding great. I like that there is no sticky mess left behind.

Back of pad

Back of the Calander pad

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Calander PadDisclaimer: I got the Lulalu Stripes weekly calender pad free to do this product review and was not paid for my response.

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4 thoughts on “Lulalu Stripes Weekly Calendar Pad

  1. Cute, colorful, and useful! The different color stripes would help everyone stay on track. Made in USA is a definite bonus!!!

  2. A nice size. This would be great to put on the side of the fridge and keep track of weekly schedules. My grandson has started homeschooling and this would be a cute addition to their office/school room.

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