MAG Magnetic Screen Door #mag


– Excellent to hot weather. Keep fresh air in!
– Highest quality material available
– Designed with a high standard of functionality.
– 35.5" x 83" – Fits doors up to 34" x 82"

it instantly opens and automatically closes behind you using powerful magnets, so you can carry food, drinks and more from inside to out without ever having to fiddle with latches, sliders or heavy doors.

– Invisible Magnets,
– Easy to install! No tools required
– Excellent for your pets!
– All sewing technology, make the magic mesh more durable.

Magnetic Screen Door

Being in a rental home I didn't want to spend money on a screen door. When I got the chance to review the MAG Magnetic Screen Door I was excited and couldn't wait to get the door. My husband wanted a door for the garage to keep the flies out and was easy for our dog to get in and out of. Well I can say the door works great and our 14 year old dog Duke can open and walk thru the door with ease and the door closes itself behind him. Now my husband can work out in the garage and have the door open for our dog to come and go as he pleases. We also found that our cat can even get the MAG Magnetic Screen Door open to hang out in the garage too. I highly would recommend this MAG Magnetic Screen Door for anyone looking for a screen door.

DSCN0532Disclosure review

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4 thoughts on “MAG Magnetic Screen Door #mag

  1. Finally something that is Pet safe for my Cat to look out of & have the comfort of him NOT Getting out!!! I LIKE THAT!!

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