March’s Home & Office Product Roundup 2019

I get products sent to me daily to try out. I unfortunately don’t have time to do a post for each item that I get to review. So I want to make sure these items get seen and learned about. The only other solution I could see to do is to do a March’s Home & Office Product Roundup 2019 on the products I like and want my readers to know about. I hope you enjoy these as much as I and my other reviewers did.

Special Features:
48 LED High Intensity Amber/Amber Strobe Lights
2 different Strobe and Rotate patterns
Emergency strobe light with Low power consumption
Patterns change easily by press button
Long lasting led warning lights with over 50,000 hours life
Flashing strobe lights Mounted with magnets, easily attach to any metal top

LED source: SMD 5050
Waterproof rate: IP67
Power wire: 6.56ft high-quality stretchable cable

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7 Unpotted Faux Succulent Plants that looks realistic and comes in a variety of colors, types, and sizes.

From large to small all the fake succulent plants are perfect for your DIY projects.

Benefits of the artificial succulent plants:

  • Realistic Appearance – artificial plants look very lifelike and are almost indistinguishable from the real plants
  • Less Care – don’t need to water or fertilize, the artificial plant stay in shape and look great no matter the season
  • No Seasonal Changes – the fake house plants are not affected by changes in seasons
  • Not Limited to One Place – artificial decorative plants are not restricted to one place as live plants
  • Stay Fresh All Year Round – the greenery interior trend is going to artificial succulent plants and silk flowers to ensure their foliage is always looking fresh
  • Cost-Effective – Artificial succulent plants are an investment which will see you through many years, unlike real flowers
  • Non-toxic to pets – artificial succulent plants are the easiest and safest options for homeowners with pets

Useful as desktop green plants, kitchen plants and small shelve decorations or fake plants for office. The artificial succulents plants are often used as ornamental plants because of their striking and unusual appearance.

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– Color: US flag
– Big Ant Personalized License Plate material: high quality aluminum
– Item Weight: 0.15 pounds (70g)
– Product Dimensions:12″x6″, thickness: .0.024” (0.6mm)

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Personalized and Thoughtful design-Big Ant personalized license plate can perfect to put on your car or for decorative purposes around the house like in your Bedroom, Garage, Basement, ect..Thoughtful design with oval holes on top for multiple display ways.

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