Mrs. Freshley’s Double Chocolate Mini Donuts & Candied Fudge Brownies #makelifesweeter

Mrs Freshleys With summer coming to a close soon, Why not make some yummy treats to beat the heat. You can even make a great dessert with Mrs. Freshley's snacks for a cook out with family and friends. There are a bunch of great recipes on the Mrs. Freshley's site to give you plenty of ideas. My family and I made the Candied Fudge Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich and Double Chocolate Mini Donut Sundaes with the snacks we got from Mrs. Freshley's to review. The Double Chocolate Mini Donuts were my favorite but the kids loved the Candied Fudge Brownies. Can't wait to make your own treats for your family? Then you can head over to Amazon and check out all the snacks that are offered by Mrs. Freshley's.

Mrs freshleysMrs. Freshley's is synonymous with freshness, quality, and great taste. Look for our delicious snacks at your local retail outlets or vending machines.

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2 thoughts on “Mrs. Freshley’s Double Chocolate Mini Donuts & Candied Fudge Brownies #makelifesweeter

  1. I don’t think I’ve had Mrs. Freshly’s brand of baked treats before, but the candy topped brownies look very similar to ones I used to enjoy while growing up. They look like perfect brownies to enjoy with ice cream!

  2. These sound so good. I love chocolate. I have never seen these in the store though. I will have to look closer the next time I am there

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