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My family & I are huge animal lovers and we take pride in our pets. I am always posting pictures of my pets and wanted a place where people can find more info on a pet that I post about so this page is for them. You can say I have a small zoo. All my pets love trying new products.

DukeRIP 2017

Duke is a Puggle who is 19 years old. I had hit him with our car and no one claimed him so we took him in. He has been a huge part of our family. He loves to go for car rides and walks.

dec12 016

This is Ghost and she is a Siamese who is 19 years old. She was our first cat who was a stray at 6 weeks old. She loves to hide all day and only comes out at night. This is why we named her Ghost. She loves being held like a baby and loves to snuggle.


Princess is 17 years old and is the daughter from Ghost. I was blessed to have her born on my lap as Ghost went into labor while laying on me. Princess was the runt and I fell in love with her from the moment I saw her. Where ever I am Princess is too. I always have her sleeping on my lap or next to me in bed.

Honey kitty

Honey (Hunters) is 12 years old and was born in a brush pile down the street from our house. We found there was a litter of kittens and left them there. The next day we went back to check on them and Honey and her sister were all that were left after something attacked & ate the rest of the litter. We took her and her sister in and now Honey is my husbands cat. Honey looks forward to going to bed every night when my husband does. It’s like clock work and very cute to watch.

Gizmo kittyRTP 2017

Gizmo (Gizzy) is 9 years old and is the sister to Honey. She has a bone for a tip of her tail and a few chunks missing from her ear that was caused by whatever killed the rest of litter she was born with. Gizzy is a sneaky kitty and will steal any food left out on the counter. When it comes to kitty treat time Gizzy is the first to come. She is our bossy kitty too as she will head butt you until you pet her.

Min PinButtercup is 6 yrs old and is our Min Pin who was given to us. She is very playful and loves to be by my side at all times. Buttercup loves to do reviews and to be in pictures.

Angel is Buttercup’s daughter and I knew the second she was born she was going to be mine. She loves being in all my pictures and videos. I love how out going and laid back she is.

Hammy & PrincessRIP Hammy passed 2014

Mr Hammy is my son’s hamster. This hamster is so spoiled. Hammy loves playing with the cats and getting treats. Plus he likes getting all the paper shred bedding from all my review packages lol

bettaThis is our betta Mr Fishy. He is in a tank that I got as a review. Mr Fishy will kiss your finger and eat food out of your fingers.

Big HossRIP Hoss passed in June 2013

This is Big Hoss our bunny. We found him over 5 yrs ago running wild in a factory parking lot. So we caught him and gave him a home. Hubby built a huge cage for him out side that is off the ground and even has a heat light for the winter. In the summer we have ground cages we put him in so he can eat fresh grass and enjoy the sun. He is a very spoiled bunny.

3 geckos

Here are my son’s geckos. We got the one on the far right free off craigs list and he was very sick and dropped his tail. We nursed him back to health. He now is named Wolfie and is spoiled by my son. The other two we got as a pair from a friends child who didn’t want them anymore. We love having them all out so they can play together.

Romeo - Gopher SnakeRIP Romeo 2014

This is my 7ft albino gopher snake Romeo. He did have a Juliet but she past a few summers ago. Now Romeo has a huge cage in my front room and is loved & watched daily by the whole family. He is such a gentle snake. Romeo was our first snake we got.

RosieRIP Rosie passed May 2013

This is Rosie our tarantula. Yes she is a huge spider and I feared her when I first got her. Over time I grew to love her and not to be scared of her. Now I can hold her and let her walk on me. I am still scared of the spiders in my house though lol

Bo & Boo Ball PythonsThis is Bo & Boo our ball python pair. We got both snakes given to us, each came from different people but we housed them together and now they don’t want to be apart. We just got a 90 gallon glass tank for them so their home is huge. We love how nice they are and love getting them out and showing them off to people.

King scorpionThis is my husbands King scorpion. This I am not a fan of but with all marriages you give and take and this was one I gave in to. The scorpion is cool looking when you put a black light on it as it will glow bright green.

Cookie CKThis is Cookie our California King snake. He is so soft to the touch. I have had him since he was 6 months old. I just love how smooth he is.

Breakfast & DinnerWe just got these 2 girl bunnies in June 2013 and we named them Breakfast & Dinner. No we don’t plan on eating them but our friends and family were joking with us saying we should so this is how their names came about. The black one is very friendly and loves to give kisses. The white one is Siamese looking and is a very shy bunny.

More to come……………


98 thoughts on “My Pets

  1. My family & I are hoping to find a kitten in the San Antonio area that needs to be adopted. My husband prefers a short-haired one. We've had cats all our lives. Now my son is ready to have a kitten.

  2. I love your animals, I'm a animal lover too, don't have that many, just 2 cats, Boots & Sam, Sam just came here a few weeks ago and guess we made him happy he stayed.

  3. I love your pets, except for the snake/ I've never been able to establish a realionship with them. I had a Boston Terrier for 18 years 🙁 and now I have a cat that was recued. 

  4. I love your cats. Each one is so different. Cats are strange animals to have. There needs change grom minute to minute, Mine is very moody. 

  5. I like your rabbit. It reminds me of when my cousin had one  (white) She had triplets. Well, the girls held down the poor bunny and painted it rainbow colors. Rabbits are wonderful animals to have as pets. 

  6. I didn't know you had so many animals, how neat! Years ago I had a zoo in my house too. The snakes, rosie haired tarantula, bearded dragon, 2 savannah monitors, 35 scorpions. I lost my snake in my apartment, the 90 year old lady next door found him in her bathroom, paramedics were called, she almost has a heart attack! They took my snake needless to say. Now I only have a rescued 54lb mix, and my puppy-mill survivor pug.

  7. I like Mr. Fishy. He's my kind of pet, friendly, eats, and is quiet. I'd be quiet too if I was a fish in your house with those cats!

  8. Wow! That IS a lot of pets! I'm glad they all have a loving home. I love animals too, but my zoo only consists of 3 dogs 🙂

  9. i love the dogs, cats would be in the barn and no snakes or lizards….and i am a big animal lover,  love dogs and horses

  10. I have been an animal lover since birth! Not into reptilian beasts though! I dont hurt them-just want space from them–. Have had guinea pigs, hamsters,mice, mouse, gerbils, all kinds of birds, rabbits, chickens, chinchilla, fish, dogs, cats when my kids were young. It was a very active zoo here in the house. Lively to say the least. We learned a lot. Most all came from people who couldnt care for their pets any more + we were "GIFTED" the baby!!!! Often by this time they were ill, sickly, unattended for, needing much emotional support + proper care. Off to the library we would go…in search of answers! Back – way back – in the day before a home computer!!! How ancient this text is becoming! Children learn best when shown how to care for others in a daily routine. Nice you all have such an "abundant" family! 

  11. Wow you sure do have lots of animals. We've had alot of them in my years to . The ones I would not have are the snakes and scorpion or the tarantula . Getting to old to take care of pets anymore . Enjoy them

  12. Whoa, you really do have a small zoo, LOL!  😉  I'm surprised you have a hamster with the cats!  I've wanted a ferret and/or another snake and hubby is afraid our guys would kill it.  We used to have a Egyptian Sand Boa, a Red Tailed Boa, and a Ball Python (Who thought she was a dog, she'd stick her head out the car window on trips!!) – had to get rid of them when we moved.  =(  I used to be sooo scared of snakes until the Sand Boa, lol … little purple and orange worm!  I drew the line at scorpions and tarantulas … kudos to you!

  13. I am amazed at so many pets in one house. I have one cat. I don't think I could handle all of those! You should have Science classes visit your home. It would be a thrill for first graders. 

  14. I had a little dog for about 20 years called 'booey'because she was so shy.We have a cat now called'Lucy'.She's fat and funny and always doing something to make us laugh.

  15. I love pets but I'm not used to geckos or snakes.I'm sure they are special to you though and many thanks to people like you who can care for them.I don't particularly like them but I would never hurt them either.

  16. Wow you really do have a mini zoo–incrediable– We had only 4 dogs– I just lost my shelty to lung cancer– I really miss him– then we have a gizzy too– he's a 3 yr old chaweiner– he's the boss and two pits– Precious– so smart and with a bit of I know it all attitude–red nose, and then Mr Hannibull– he's a blue razor pit-  We saved them from a pup mill in N.C. and brought them all the way back to Idaho. If I could have taken tehm all I would. I hate those places. Mr.Hannibull was so sick when I got him–it took over a year to get any weight on him, always full of worms,and vomiting, and diarrhea, poor little thing at the time–that was 7yrs ago. Now he's nothing but a big ,stupid lap dog–he thinks he is still a puppy. So much everyones best friend– I would love to hear more about your babies,animals can be so awesome. <3

  17. wow you  like me when i had the farm but i had farm animal  we did kill the snake they kill oour  chicken  but i am afraid of snake and could not have them around me  i am  scared of snake getting bit  by  the brown recluse  spider and then blak widow  and then a copper head and then  the ratter

  18. wow.. you have so many pretty fur babies and other pets. If I had a different yard I would love to bunnies or cute fuzzy animals.  Your tarantula is cute.. most people thing I am strange because I like big spiders, but something about is cute. Thanks for sharing your animals with us.. i know we all enjoyed reading about them.

  19. With the exception of the snake, scorpion and tarantula … I love all of your pets!  🙂  Lol!  Gotta love a house full of pets!  It's so great for kids and adults alike.  We have 2 dogs and I can't image our house without them.  🙂

  20. And I thought we had a lot of pets! lol We have four dogs, one cat and a bird. I love them all! I don’t know if I could take snakes and spiders though. lol But it’s awesome you love all of these!

  21. You have adorable animals!! I noticed you have the stuffed animal with the fish bowl in its tummy. I was just looking at those when I was looking for a fish tank for my daughter. I was wondering how you like it?

    • I like the tank a lot. The only thing I don’t like is the light pocket that is under the head. The pocket gets all wet with moisture.

  22. It’s very nice to hear we aren’t the only Noah’s ark of pets. lol We have 5 cats, two dogs and one bunny. Pets make a home happier!

  23. Oh my goodness! You have so many pets. I’m so happy to know that a great deal of your animals were rescued. I can see clearly their health and happiness. It is true that once you fall in love with an animal, they become an important part of the family. Blessing to all for doing such an important service to animals.

  24. Wow, what a menagerie! I’m an animal lover, I must say, I’m not so sure about the snakes, tarantula and scorpion, though! I have a Himalayan cat, Persnickety (Purr-snickety!) and a female lutino budgie bird, Saffron. Our male budgie, Zeus, passed away last week, we miss him terribly! He was such a great talker! And your cat, Princess, looks so much like my cat, Rexy, a beautiful smart Maine Coon, who passed away 2 years ago, from complications of diabetes. He’s missed terribly. He would shake paws, give hugs and kisses on command, for his treats! Plus, sit up and beg, too! He would often come to you with his paw out, meaning shake my paws, then give me treats! I would love to have a dog, too, but am not allowed where I live. However, my kids and I have done many dog and cat rescues and found homes for them, plus I feed many neglected neighborhood cats and dogs. I get them lined up at my door! Lol

  25. Wow SaraLee – I am literally breathless! Thank you so much for sharing your veritable “zoo” (in the good sense) of such marvelous and strangely fitting misfit of pets! I love it!

    Over the years we have had a wide variety of critters/creatures living with us – but not usually all at the same time! I especially love the photo of the hamster rubbing noses with the kitty!

    Our pets are always strays & rescues – and right now we have three very different adorable kitties. One is a tuxedo cat (Twinkie) who looks like like both Princess and Gizzy – and as a male kitty acts a little like both of them at various times.

    I don’t know how you handle all of that at once – but God bless ya – and thanks for sharing!

  26. I just noticed that Breakfast & Dinner bear a striking /uncanny resemblance to our Snow Flight and Tom cats – except maybe for the ears…

    Just think about feeling and taking care of all those splendid creature/critters would be a full time job – even just keeping track of them! I’m in awe!

  27. I hope your kids appreciate you & know that not every mom would allow such a large collection of pets for them to pamper & play with.

  28. I love all of the bunnies and the kitties. I have three kitties (Durn a boy, all black, Kimmie a girl black fluffy, and Little Bit a tiny cat who is grey, white and black and long hair and short haired) one bunny named Spaz (Netherland Dwarf and she is grey) and one dog, Sorcha (Husky/German Shepherd mix with gold eyes, cream and tan). I love my animals like they are people.

  29. I am so in love with your Family of furbabies and reptiles. You are so blessed! I’m a strong advocate for adopting your pets to help prevent their abuse. I’ve recently adopted a siamese girl named Sushi, and even though it’s been challenging to get her to trust me due to her prior abuse, I wouldn’t trade her for the World. Bless you!!

  30. We are huge animal lovers!! We raised our children to do the same. We still have a cat & a dog.
    They are members of our family. Even now when I feel down, one of the animals will come by me and give me some “love.”

  31. holy cow I guess you do have a bit of a zoo going on over there loll, i could never have that many animals around my children, i would be to afraid of catching something or being bit , but if it don’t bother you why God bless you and those pets of yours …. @tisonlyme143

  32. Your family’s love for animals is unsurpassed. So many different varieties and exceptionally cared for by all. I love the names in this group. I think Breakfast and Dinner are the best.

  33. Finally someone who loves animals as much as I do….lol. Everyone always thinks I’m a little insane because of my “zoo” but I’ve finally found someone who shares my love and has their own zoo! I share my home and heart currently with eight dogs, three of which are rescues…..three rescue cats, a betta, a rescued ball python, four dwarf bunnies, all rescues, a rescued duck and various other fosters who come and go…. I’m hoping to add a new pair of baby geese to my menagerie soon…. I’ve had animals all my life and can’t imagine life without them, especially my dogs!

  34. I LOVE animals!! We used to have a few different pets, but now at our age & the kids all grown-up, we have one dog & one cat. But I don’t consider a scorpion or a tarantula pets – to me they are scary insects!! I HATE spiders!! I scream for my husband to kill spiders when I find them.

  35. (My Pets) Man you sure do have a house full of pets. What time do you have to get up in the morning to feed all of those animals? Bet they are all great to have.

  36. What a collection of pets. Great for the kids but I don’t think I could manage all of those. We do have two dogs and three cats though. Thank you for sharing

  37. I love the dog, cats and bunnies but I don’t know about the rest of those pets. You are a brave soul. Thank you for sharing and God Bless

  38. I am an animal lover~but I guess not as much as you.
    I am against animal testing,on rabbits,dogs,and most four legged creatures.
    I do get creeped out with spiders and and such~so kudos to you.

  39. I have to say you have quite a managerie of animals. I love that many were rescue animals. I have four cats and feed feral cats outside too.

  40. I give you alot of credit. I don’t think I could handle the snakes. You sound like a great mommy. Thank you for sharing

  41. Thanks for sharing your family with us! Our furbabies are definitely important members of our family too; just recently our 17 year old Silky terrier son passed on. We are still grieving and adjusting to him not being here; we adopted him when he was just 6weeks old and when he passed, he was 17 years and 1 month.

  42. ( My Pets) Wow! You have a lot of cute and sweet pets in your home. We have two cats named Ozzy and Buddy. And they can be a handful when they want to be.

  43. Wow, you have a lot of different types of pets! I have a little poodle/maltese rescue pooch about 10 years old, & his five rescue cats. I’ve had cats & dogs my whole life, would probably have horses if there was room for them, chickens too. One of these days when we make the move to the country we’ll add to the furkids, but for now we’re good. Thanks for the smiles!

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