Nail Cones

nailconesNail Cones are an easy to use product that protects your skin when you apply nail polish. It is a sticker that is cut out to form around the nail when the polish is applied.  It is easy to apply and remove. A perfect polish every time.

wearing nail conesI love my nails and I get them done all the time. I get nail care products to review from time to time and Nail Cones is one of them. I played around with the sticker that Nail cones is to see how I would like them on my finger. I could see how this would help keeping the polish off your finger and think this would be great for a person that does their own nail painting or for a beginner at painting nails. I personally don't see using these as I pay to get my nails done. I would give these as part of a beauty gift basket to a friend or birthday present.

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3 thoughts on “Nail Cones

  1. Interesting. I have never seen this before. This would work well for my daughter. She likes to do her nails, but then ends up doing things to mess them up.

  2. Finally, someone had the sense to market this idea!! I’ve done something similar for ages but it’s nice to know I can just buy premade cones instead. Thanks for a great review!

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