Ninja in Training Maternity Shirt

Ninja in Training Maternity ShirtPowers of baby activate! The little one in your belly is getting ready for big things….big NINJA things! Baby will be the stealthiest one in all the lands!

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Ninja in Training Maternity ShirtMy friend loves the Ninja in Training Maternity Shirt. The shirt is long enough to leave room to grow in as she is only 8 weeks in and still has a lot more to go. The shirt not only looks good but fits great and feels great when wearing it. You can order your very own Ninja in Training Maternity Shirt or check out all the other styles that are available.

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Disclaimer: I got the Shirt free to do this product Review and was not paid for my response.

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One thought on “Ninja in Training Maternity Shirt

  1. Cute. I had seen some maternity “in training” shirts but not the ninja one. This puts a different spin on it. Lots of kicking! The shirt fits her well. I’m glad she likes it.

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