Pac-Man & Ghost Plush from Goldie International

Pac ManThese plush toys from Goldie International are a totally tubular, wicked awesome blast from the past. Cuddle up to your favorite characters from the classic Pac-Man video game. Comes complete with authentic gaming sounds! Ages: 8 & up. MSRP: $12.99 each, available at Toys “R” Us and Walgreens.

Pac ManMy husband and I grew up playing the original Pac-Man game and like these plushies. The sounds that these plushies make are cool and make these a great hit for the younger kids. My niece and nephew liked playing with them. My niece was Pac-Man and my nephew was the ghost and they chase each other around the house. These will make a great gift for any occasion, so check them out today.

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Pac Man


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11 thoughts on “Pac-Man & Ghost Plush from Goldie International

  1. How cute and fun. I was excited to read that they make noise. It just wouldn’t be the same to have video game toys without sound. Fun games and fun toys.

  2. These sure bring back good memories, kids don’t know the fun we had back in the days with these characters .

  3. I don’t know if my grandchildren would know what they were so I’d be tempted to give them to my daughter.

  4. How fun with the noises and game characters. PAC Man is classic and it’s great that it is still around for new generations.

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