Peeps Minis, The Cute Smaller Versions Of Your Favorite Sweet Treat


Each year after Easter, PEEPS® disappear from store shelves, leaving countless PEEPS® fans in the lurch until the next celebratory season rolls around. However, this year, fans can make every day a holiday thanks to the launch of PEEPS® MINIS™ – bite size, snack able marshmallow chicks that will be sold year round in the everyday candy aisle.

PEEPS® MINIS™ are now available in delicious flavors of Strawberry Crème, Chocolate Crème and Sour Watermelon, in 24-count re-closeable standup bags that will retail for approximately $3.99. These mini marshmallow chicks are about 40 percent the size of the traditional chicks and are each 14 calories, as well as gluten-free and fat-free.

** Made in the USA product **


My family loves when I get PEEPS and with these new Minis, Snacking is made easy. I like the size and that the bags are resalable. The flavors of the new PEEPS minis are very appealing. My husband didn't even let me finish my pictures of the PEEPS Minins when he opened the Strawberry Crème. The room fill with the smell of strawberry and my mouth started watering and I so wanted one. I had to chase my hubby down to get a Strawberry Crème PEEPS Mini from him but it was so worth it. I now found a new favorite snack. My son when he got home from school devoured the Sour Watermelon PEEPS minis with his friends. The Chocolate Crème PEEPS minis were a hit with the small kids in my life as I only had them to offer as a snack at the time. I can say PEEPS MINIS will be a huge hit at any of your summer events. Make sure to put up a bag today!

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Peeps Minis

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27 thoughts on “Peeps Minis, The Cute Smaller Versions Of Your Favorite Sweet Treat

  1. My grandson just had a birthday and he would love the summer Peeps cake pops. Plus, they are blue!

  2. I was surprised to see a “Cookin’ with Peeps” category. I guess I never considered using them in/for recipes.

  3. Patriotic Vanilla Creme Flavored Chicks. How awesome for July 4th. I would like to get some for the Holiday!!

  4. The new flavors sound like real winners! I will have to keep an eye out for them in the supermarket.

  5. I would love to try the creme flavored ones I am glad they are expanding and realizng they are not just an Easter snack now. Thank you

  6. I love the recipe ideas… especially the Chocolate Marshmallow Cupcakes with Frosting

  7. Found Vanilla Creme Patriotic Peeps…would love to try these!

    Thank you for the chance to win 🙂

  8. PEEPS have been my ALL time Favorite since I was a kid!! LOVE the NEW Flavors TY 4 this Contest !!!

  9. The cooking with peeps information is awesome. I have to say I never even thought about using them in any kind of recipe. Thanks.

  10. Great flavors for all tastes and what a fun size. My grand kids love the m&m minis, and I know they would enjoy these, too. There’s something about being mini that just adds to the fun.

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