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Love Coupons

LoveCoups is a fun new way to give someone the gift of you! Create your own list of custom IOU vouchers that the recipient can cash in with you. Coupons such as back massages, a romantic dinner or even doing the dishes!

You start by creating your characters. The LoveCoups site will populate each page with your characters throughout the book. You can then customize the text to make the coupon say anything you want!

It's fun, fast and easy to use. One LoveCoups booklet comes with 20 perfect bound, full-color, glossy pages that are perforated for easy removal.

LoveCoupsI made my LoveCoups booklet for my husband. I was able to make the characters of the booklet to resemble my husband and I.  The choices for the different pages were available in many options to choose from. I made the booklet to fit our relationship. I had fun making each of the LoveCoups. My husband really liked the LoveCoups booklet and thought it was really special and unique. I have already taken in a few of the LoveCoups that my husband redeemed. I thought this was a great idea and the booklet let me express my love to my husband.

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4 thoughts on “Personalized Love Coupons by

  1. Cute. Fun novelty items that would be great for some couples. I like that you can personalize them. Gives it a creative and special touch.

  2. This is a cute idea. Even if your relationship is just fine, making an effort to nurture relationships is always important.

  3. Oh wow , These would be really fun and a great way to get your point across without having to say a word.

  4. This is a fun and different way to show your love and to request a few items your husband seems to forget or give him some special things. It would also be great for Valentine’s Day

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