Pet & Personal Medication Discount Card

MDCcardTHIS MEDICAL CARD IS ACCEPTED AT ALL CHAIN PHARMACIES.  Including CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, and many more.  Over 59,000 pharmacies nationwide.

Your Pharmacy discount card will save you up to 75% off all of the cash price of your and your pet's prescription medication.  Simply print the card, then hand it to your pharmacist before picking up your medication.  Discounts will be significantly more for generic drugs than brand name.

**Also please note this is not Insurance and cannot be used to reduce your copay.  It can be used instead of insurance or for drugs/vitamins not covered by insurance.  This card will work for most drugs, but there may be a few that the card offers no discount on.

SavingslistI personaly tried to use this 3 times on my own prescriptions at Walgreens but wasn't able to save anything and was disapointed in it. I already get my pet medications at a great price that I wasn't able to try this card with them. This card seems to either be a hit or a miss. For me it didn't work so I can't write a good review on it.

Disclosure review

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