Pine Bros Softish Throat Drops

feb2013 004These Pine Bros throat drops came just in time as my family got sick with chest colds and sore throats. My son was the first one to break into the drops and he liked the drops in the puck as he was able to carry them all day in his pocket. My son said that some of his friends were even asking for a drop.

I then got sick and I was glad to have the Honey Pine Bros drops on hand as my throat got really sore and the ease I would get while sucking on a drop was great. These drops taste great and are long lasting.

In 1930 Pine Brothers was sold to the Life Savers Company and continued to flourish. Known for its 'soft drop consistency,' Pine Brothers lozenges became a favorite of adults and children alike. The product, which attracted healthiest sales in the eastern and northern states, due to its icy winters, reached its peak popularity in the 1970's. The company was sold by Life Savers, and then, having been re-sold and acquired a number of times, found itself essentially rudderless and under appreciated; this despite a legion of loyal consumers. Cost cutting changes were made to the original recipes, packaging became stale and marketing non-existent; Pine Brothers began to be made overseas. Sales declined.

Recently, Pine Brothers was acquired by the creator and former owner of Airborne, Victoria Knight-McDowell, for her new company 3 Sisters Home Products™. Much time and effort has been spent locating the original Pine Brothers recipes, redesigning the packaging, and creating an exciting yet classic new look. The natural product is once again being made in America, and is launching nationally in fall 2011. At which time old Mr. Pine, will succeed once again in "making people happy." God bless him!

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17 thoughts on “Pine Bros Softish Throat Drops

  1. Pine bros softish throat drops sounds so good love to try them I always get a cold each year with a bad sore throat next time I will try these!

  2. What a great time to revamp this company, bring back the original recipe and begin fresh with new packaging. If the ingredients are healthy, this should be a winner.

  3. I like the new packaging as well because it makes them convenient to take with you no matter where you go. I like that they are using the original recipe back in America. Yeah!

  4. these are really good and great in flavor, but i also want to say that old fashion caugh drop are my favorite 🙂 if you havn’t tried them yet , something you should do 🙂 thanks for share @tisonlyme143

  5. I had never heard of these before but if your son likes them, that’s good enough for me! I have a hard time getting my son to use anything because of the taste. I’ll look for these the next time we get sick. Thanks!

  6. I remember as a child using Pine Bros. cough drops. The texture was almost rubbery and not too appealing. I also remember, however, how good these drops got the job done. I’m glad they’re back.

  7. I have never heard of these before, but I wish I would have had them a month ago when I had a terrible cold! Great review!

  8. Love the new packaging. Haven’t seen that in the stores yet. Would be so much easier to carry.

  9. That’s an interesting history that the products have. I currently use Ricola, but would be open to trying these.

    slehan at juno dot com

  10. Somewhere recently on the web I learned that Pine Bros drops are available in wild cherry flavor. Now I’m perfectly set using them after switching for a long while.

  11. I’m glad that these worked well for your family. I like that your son could carry them all day in his pocket and they were fine. this means they would work for my husband carrying them at work or leaving them in his toolbox.

  12. What a story about being sold numerous times. I like that they are back to being made in America. A high quality product with a rich history and definitely useful.

  13. I haven’t had these in sooo long! It is the time of year I love to have them on hand, I’m going to give them a go!!! They sound good!

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