Costume Accessory Flashing LED Jelly Bracelets

LED bracelets

Product Description

These triple-wide flashing LED Jelly Bracelets in dazzling really light up the night!

Great for Birthday Parties, Night Events and Parties and Laser-Tag teams!

Sold in packs of 12 – Assorted Colors (Blue, Green, Red, White) COLORS MAY VARY UPON AVAILABILTY!

I got 12 of the Flashing LED Jelly Bracelets in Red, Green and Blue. The bracelets have 3 different light settings and are adjustable for the perfect fit. We have used the bracelets a few times already at football games, hanging out with friends at a bonfire and during fireworks at a few different events. I like that the bracelets are reusable and have a shut off so they can be used over and over. The kids plan on wearing the bracelets at the school dance and for Halloween. I plan on geting more of the other LED products that Private Island Party has to offer.

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2 thoughts on “ Costume Accessory Flashing LED Jelly Bracelets

  1. How fun! These work great for kids and adults. Perfect for a Halloween party. LED Bracelets in general are fun, but the flashing and different settings really add and make these something new and different.

  2. These sound really net. I like that they are adjustable and reusable. Perfect for parties or kids. The blinking would add fun,too.

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