PSCPets Aging Support for Senior Dogs

PSCPets Aging Support for Senior DogsPSCPets Aging Support for Dogs is specially formulated to help support healthy joints and overall vitality in senior dogs. This is an ideal product to help your dog transition into their golden years with ease by giving them the extra support that need. The best part is that this product comes in an easy to eat, liver and poultry flavored soft chew, this is more than a supplement, it’s an awesome treat your dog will love!

The key ingredients in PSCPets Aging Support for Senior Dogs include:

  • Glucosamine which is key to helping the body repair damaged cartilage.
  • Chondroitin which is a structural component of cartilage and helps to support its elasticity.
  • Perna Mussel and MSM which support joint health through anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Vitamin C and Vitamin E for their antioxidant properties and overall immune boosting benefits.

Duke eatting chewOur dog Duke is getting up there in years and he is over 11. So far we have been blessed with health problems that come with ageing dogs. I like that PSCPets Aging Support for Senior Dogs soft chews is formulated to help with Duke's joints and over all health. Over the last few months I have been giving Duke different PSCPets products and I can say that they work and my dog loves them. My cats even try to eat them because the soft chews smell so good. Since we started giving Duke the PSCPets Aging Support we noticed he wants to play more and has a little more pep in his step. Duke gets excited when we shake the container the soft chews come in and will run around until we give him his soft chew treat.

PSCPets Aging Support for DogsWhen a product is loved by my dog Duke and and is good for him then I can stand by it. This is so easy to give Duke and he thinks of the soft chew as a treat and I think of it as a great way to keep him healthy. There is a way to get your dogs to take what's good for them with no fuss.

PSCPets Aging Support for Dogs

Disclaimer: I got the PSCPets Aging Support for Senior Dogs free to do this product review and was not paid for my response.

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9 thoughts on “PSCPets Aging Support for Senior Dogs

  1. I can see where this would be helpful and beneficial. My doctor put me on glucosimine chron. for my joints and it makes sense that this would help pets, too.

  2. These look to be good for senior dogs ; I see that Duke enjoys them, too! He is precious!

  3. I own 3 dogs and one of them is starting to get near the age of needing something to help her.Thank you for this review. I will try this and see if it can help her.

  4. I give my dog a similar product that really helps him. I would like to try this product when my dog’s other pills run out. Your dog looks so cute. It is so important to give good dog food and this important vitamin to dogs.

  5. I am glad that your dog like this product. I too am on Glucosamine chondroitin for my arthritic joints!

  6. My dog is not yet at the age where she needs anything like that, but I would like to know in advance. Do you know if they have it for small dogs that are 5-4 pounds?

  7. Glad that this is working for you. As we get older, we need some joint support as well as overall help with help. Animals are the same way. Their bodies age, too, and they need some nutritional help. Thanks for telling us about this product.

  8. I know as dogs age they get joint pain and its hard to move around and walk. These sound like they will be good and flavorful with the liver flavor dogs like. If it works thats what counts . Dont let them know its good for them they probably wont eat it – just like the kids LOL

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