Purex Fabric Softener Sheets

Dryer-SheetsWho knew that one little sheet could do so much? Purex Fabric Softener Sheets don’t just reduce static cling and leave your family’s laundry soft and smelling fresh: They can also keep your whole house smelling fresh! Just choose your favorite fragrance and tuck a sheet in hampers, in the linen closets, and any other laundry storage areas.

Purex dryer sheetsMy box of Mountain Breeze Purex sheets got used right away. I put a sheet in my truck and the trunk of hubby's car. Some people think I am strange for doing this but with the sun beating on the vehicles all day the sheets make opening the vehicle doors refreshing. I like taking my dog for rides in my truck and hated the smell of dog when I got in my truck so I started putting a dryer sheet in the back of my truck and I change it about once a month. When I change the dryer sheet I use the old one to dust my interior with and it helps to repel dog hair from sticking to it. Plus if you forget bug spray you can rub the dryer sheet on your skin to help repel mosquitos.

I also like putting a dryer sheet in my couch coushions so my front room smell fresh and clean. I have 4 cats and a dog so I don't want pet odor to take over my furniture.

My laundry smells great and the Mountain Breeze is a very pleasant scent. I plan on buying the Lavender sent when I go shopping this next week so I can try that scent too.

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I got the Purex Dyer Sheets free to do this review and was not paid for my response.
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28 thoughts on “Purex Fabric Softener Sheets

  1. Good stain guide. To remove cooking/food grease from cotton, you wash in warmest water possible – treat stain with zout, let air dry, and wash with Purex. It’s good to have these tips ready for you.

  2. I love to try the Sweet Lavender dryer sheets I love the smell of Lavender

  3. i love their new purex baby products and would like to try the mountain breeze dryer sheets! i hope they come out with baby dryer sheets!

  4. I learned that these dryer sheets come in two scents and contain 3X’s the fragrance. I also like their frequently asked questions section.


  5. I love lavender sheets but have not tried purex….just their soaps. These would be great to pair up with the purex soap! Sheets also work to repel mosquitos 🙂

  6. I like how they remind you to tuck ’em away in your linen closet..makes sheets smell fresh =)

  7. The new Purex dryer sheets have 3 times more fragrance and greater static cling reduction.

  8. I’ve tried Purex a few times and this last time I noticed a difference. Now I know why, they have changed their formula recently. I read about it in this article and I am very impressed. I have recently switched from Bounce.

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