Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush & Travel Sonic Toothbrush

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Two Great Electric Toothbrushes for the Price of One!

With this product, you not only will receive a high quality electric toothbrush for home, but you also will receive a bonus smaller travel size sonic toothbrush to take on the road with you.

Included are 2 toothbrush heads and a recharging station to store and charge your toothbrush when not in use.
    -Ergonomical and waterproof design.
    -2 minute auto-timer ensures dentist recommended brushing.
    -Brush operates at 8,800 oscillations per minute which helps to remove more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush.
    -Unit charges on included recharge station using universal voltage (100-240v)
    -2 brush modes – Clean & Sensitive.
    -2 Color Options: White or Black

feb2013 027This is a great electric toothbrush set for great clean teeth. I am really picky about my teeth feeling and being clean. I am brushing my teeth at least 3 or more times a day. The rechargeable toothbrush works great and really gets my teeth clean and holds a great charge. My power was out for 2 days and the toothbrush held a charge the whole time I was with out power. I really like the travel toothbrush as I can keep it in my purse for when I feel the need to brush my teeth on the go. The travel toothbrush is very compact and concealed nicely. This is a great deal for electric toothbrushes.

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13 thoughts on “Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush & Travel Sonic Toothbrush

  1. So many times I’ve wished I had a toothbrush with me outside the home. It may be a piece of food stuck in my teeth or a bad taste in my mouth. A travel sonic would be a great help. We frequently in winter and spring have power outages as well. What a relief to have a clean, available and powerful toothbrush to geu us through.

  2. That’s a great package of teeth cleaning. I like the small portable one and the fact that the main brush keeps a charge.

  3. every time there is a giveaway on one of these i always enter. i have a friend and also my hubby uses one, he keeps telling me to buy one but short on cash so i will wait to win one 😉 thanks for share and glad you won @tisonlyme143

  4. It’s great that it holds its charge and gets your teeth clean. The bristles and movements would really give you a deep lean.

  5. Love the smaller bonus one. It can be a pain to travel with the bulkier electric toothbrushes but you want a quick thorough clean on the road. The travel one gives you that option and with holding it’s charge so long really makes it a good travel brush.

  6. A good brush for all. While I don’t care about the color options, they would be nice for different people. I do like the brushing modes and oscillations. Good for a deep clean.

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