Refresh Glass Recycled Wine Bottle Glassware

DSCN9633Refresh Glasses are all created from wine bottles collected from local bars and restaurants in the Arizona Valley. Each bottle is then hand selected and transformed into the perfectly unique drinking glass. During our process the glasses are polished to create a smooth, even, rounded rim. The final step of our process actually makes the glass more durable then it started out so you can continue to enjoy using the glasses for years to come.

** Made in the USA **


I love the Refresh Glass Recycled Wine Bottle Glassware I got to review in the 12oz and 16oz. The glasses are very sturdy and very unique. Every time I have people over and we use these glasses there is always a conversation started about the glasses. I can put these glasses in the dishwasher  but the only thing you have to watch out for is water collecting in the dimple on the bottom of the glasses. This isn't a big deal but you want to be aware of it. I love how these glasses are a re purposed item. This is an earth friendly item in my book. I defiantly would recommend giving these as a gift.   

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