Royal Canin Feline Breed Nutrition


From the small, flat-faced Persian to the large Maine Coon, the world's most unique cats can now enjoy food designed just for them.

Maine Coon, Siamese, Ragdoll and Persian cats each have different physiological makeups and nutritional needs. And after years of research and Royal Canin's close and active partnership with a network of veterinarians and breeders, they've developed breed specific formulas that meet the unique nutritional needs of these four exceptional breeds.

** Made in the USA product **

DSCN9142All my girls are a mix of Siamese and I can tell you that they loved the Royal Canin food for cats. My two girls Gizzy and Princess were both at the food bowl eating when I first put this out. All of my cats enjoy eating the Royal Canin cat food. I have noticed less of my cats puking after eating, Which is great since I have to clean it up most of the time. The coat on my cats is softer and their breath smells better.

Want to try Royal Canin out for yourself? Well you can get it at They offer Royal Canin for a few breeds Maine Coon, Ragdoll, Persian and Siamese.


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6 thoughts on “Royal Canin Feline Breed Nutrition

  1. well by the look of it the cats really seem to be enjoying themselves eating it, so it must be delicious 😉 thanks for share

  2. It’s great when your pets love a food that is good for them. We want to treat our furbabies to the best. We want them to enjoy their food and life, but we also want them to be healthy. I like that this is good for their breath and coats and they love it.

  3. I wasn’t aware that a cat food can be catered to individual breeds of cats. A wonderful idea to make sure each breed gets exactly what is best for them. I’m glad your cats like the taste! Do they also provide this choice for beagles?

  4. I didn’t realize the differences in cats’ needs but makes sense – different dog sizes and breeds work best with different needs. I’m glad there is such a versatile and nutritious food for you and your babies.

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