Soothie Massager

SoothieThe Soothie Massager:
– Takes traditional “ball-on-the-wall” therapy to a whole new level.
– The only massager in its category to combine the power of heat and pressure in a smart and easy-to-use compact design.
– Made with custom-designed polymer balls it provides over twenty minutes of uninterrupted heat per session.
– In fact, the Soothie Massager® is so unique it was issued a US Patent.
– Few can resist the Ooh-Aah Challenge. Pain just melts away.

SoothieNow here is a way to relieve your muscle pain or to loosen up the tension in your muscles. The Soothie Massager is very easy to use and you control the pressure and speed. The massager balls feel great and I was able to relieve my neck and back pain by using the Soothie Massager. My husband even likes using this after working a 10 hour day. There are so many uses for the Soothie that you will really enjoy using this.

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40 thoughts on “Soothie Massager

  1. I like that I can use it by myself without anyone’s help,so many of them need someone to run it for you!

  2. It’s guaranteed to relieve back pain! This would be great for my son’s back pain due to scoliosis!

  3. Love that you can do it yourself and it works on the whole body. This would really help with sore muscles in your back and feet.

  4. Inside each PATENTED Soothie Massager® are specially formulated high-density solid polymer balls that contain the ideal moisture content to be safely heated in a microwave.

  5. I would love to take the ooh aah challenge! Heated massage for my lower back would be wonderful! I love that it can be heated in the microwave.

  6. This would be perfect for me to use because i have a horrible back and require physical therapy twice a week

  7. Using HTX Solid Core Technology™, Soothie Massager applies both HEAT & PRESSURE directly to tight muscles and painful knots. ….that is amazing!!

  8. I learned the Soothie Massager increases circulation, helps flush out toxins and eases muscle stiffness. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  9. I like that it’s so easy to use. Being able to heat it and help muscles relax faster is an added bonus!

  10. This is guaranteed to relieve back pain and it gives a heated massage. This Soothie Massager is used to apply heat and pressure to tight muscles, just warm it up in microwave put on back and hold and then lean on a wall and roll Soothie

  11. I learned that it is Powered by HTX Solid Core Technology™, Soothie Massager applies both HEAT & PRESSURE directly to tight muscles and painful knots. Warm it up in your microwave, lean into any smooth wall and feel your body and back pain melt away. Oh, it sounds awesome!

  12. I learned that this uses heat and pressure on your tight muscles. Apparently, it also increases circulation, flushes out toxins (that one was surprising to me) and eases muscle stiffness. Sounds cool.

  13. I like that Soothie Massager applies both HEAT & PRESSURE directly to tight muscles and painful knots

  14. I like that it is guaranteed to relieve back pain. I have 2 little ones and between them & my back injury from an auto accident, I think this would be wonderful!

  15. I loved the little video where the lady said, “and you don’t even need your husband for this!” lol
    I like that it’s able to heat up! Right now, I have a really sore shoulder, having to go through PT. Maybe this might help it??? 🙂

  16. My daughter could really use this. We can’t figure out why her feet and ankles keep swelling and bruising. This looks great for many body parts. What a convenient design!

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