Spiced Christmas Cards

4Spiced Christmas Cards

Send out wishes of Joy this year with one of a kind, fragrant Christmas cards! This simple design spells out the word 'Joy' with actual ground spices or coffee! It will look lovely decorating a Holiday table after someone has enjoyed your note! I always wonder what to do with cards that I've received and I'm so happy that this one can easily fit into your Holiday decor! What a wonderful way to tell someone Merry Christmas! It has such a lovely light fragrance that will delight its' recipient as well as the sender! It is available made with ground cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, allspice or coffee.

These cards measure 5.5" X 4.25" and come with a crisp cream envelope. You can choose from a brick red color, a lovely cream color, or a mossy green hue.

Spiced Christmas CardsI picked out the Joy card in Allspice and loved the way the card looked and smelled. This card is simple and yet creative with a smell factor. I gave my Joy card to my parents for Christmas with their gift cards in it. I was able to write my own personal message in the card, I felt it made the card more unique. Later that night my mom mentioned that her cat liked to knock the card over and rub on it. I guess he liked the Allspice smell lol. I liked the card and really liked the creativity with the words spelled out with spice.

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26 thoughts on “Spiced Christmas Cards

  1. Wow I wish I had heard about these cards before now, I would love to have a few scented cards. Especially the coffee scented one !

  2. Thanks for all the kind comments everyone!! Just for SaraLee’s valuable readers use this coupon code: REVIEW25 to take 25% off your cards!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. How fun and festive! Fragrance really adds a special touch, and I love that the scents go with the season.

  4. Very cool idea to use for next Christmas!!! I would have never thought of using ground spices like that… but honestly there is nothing better than delicious spices simmering in the crock pot like my mom used to do…. she simmered Cinnamon potpourri…. it was amazing!!!

  5. I love the smell of good spices. This is a great idea for a card. Allspice, cinnamon, cloves and some others would smell great. Only thing is, it would be extremely easy to make these ourselves instead of buying them. Also, you could use essential oils along with the ground spices too. Thanks for the info, great idea.

  6. What a creative and neat idea. Saved to my list for next year! I love the thought of a spicy scented card.

  7. I’m responding to the Darcus Tori giveaway. I really like the 18 Inch Wood Shell Black Onyx Alternative Necklace Earring Set – it is beautiful

  8. I love these cards and anything with aroma is my kind of gift to send to others too. I like that they bring a big of cheer and smell good at the same time with a message.

  9. I think this is the coolest idea. I would be so happy to get a card in the mail that smelled like spices! I like the idea and would definitely use it myself.

  10. I wish I had seen this review before Christmas. I have to remember these spiced cards by Spice Grove design for next year. I know that many of my friends and family would love to receive one of these cards,

    • Thanks so much Jo-Ann!! Your kind words mean the world to me! Just an FYI, we have a great assortment of cards for any occasion and can even custom make one just for your special occasion!

  11. Scented objects are very popular right now. From cards to chocolate and rose scented bears for Valentines. The news just had a story on chocolate scented scratch off lottery tickets.

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