Stuffitts Antimicrobial Drying Inserts for Gloves

StuffittsStuffitts® glove inserts start absorbing moisture and eliminating odor immediately upon contact.  Simply place the inserts inside the gloves after use, and the Stuffitts will go to work drying out the gloves and removing the odor leaving the clean, fresh scent of Eastern Aromatic red cedar.  Our products dry out again naturally, when removed and exposed to dry air.

    –  Micropoly wicking fabric infused with Microban antimicrobial product protection
    –  Treated soil-release fabric finish
    –  Specially- processed Eastern Aromatic red cedar
    –  Convenient nylon strap to keep inserts (and gloves) together
    –  Flat, rectangular shape with channel stitching allows easy insertion into gloves

Stuffitts in useMy husband likes using Stuffitts in his work and riding gloves in the summer to help dry them from sweat. Stuffitts slide into the gloves and within a few hours the gloves are dry and smells like wood chips. These are going to work great this winter after playing out in the snow or after clearing the driveway from snow. something so simple as Stuffitts that work great as doing what they are ment to do.

Stuffitts in use

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Disclaimer: I got the Stuffitts free to do this product review and was not paid for my response.

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2 thoughts on “Stuffitts Antimicrobial Drying Inserts for Gloves

  1. These would be great for my hubby and youngest son since they both have to wear gloves daily with their jobs. Thanks 🙂

  2. Good innovative product. I can see he use..added protection is always nice plus removes bacteria and odors…,great!

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