SunRidge Farms organic and all natural foods

SunRidge FarmsFor 30 years, family owned SunRidge Farms has been producing high quality foods that reflect our commitment to a healthier lifestyle. This commitment extends to the environment, the supply chain, and our community. We source the best possible ingredients from the very best suppliers who share our desire to promote sustainability, improved living conditions, and reduced environmental impact. SunRidge Farms is committed to providing the healthiest products to our customers by producing foods without highly processed or refined ingredients. We also source Non-GMO (genetically modified) ingredients whenever possible.

SunRidge FarmsI was able to try a few of the many product that SunRidge Farms offers. I like to snack and being able to snack on something that is organic and all natural makes me feel better about what I am snacking on. I have always liked chocolate raisins and the SunRidge Farms All Natural Dark Chocolate Raisins we a pleaser too. I liked how the Dark Chocolate Raisins tasted and melted in my mouth. The Organic Banana Chips are great and tasted great in my cereal.  I also topped my ice cream Sunday with the Banana chips & raisins and it was so good. My husband is a Trail Mix junkie and he was pleased with the Deluxe Trail Mix we were able to try. He ate the whole bag watching a movie so that is proof it was good. I didn't even get to try any. The Yogurt Peanut Clusters were great. I never had anything like them before and was very happy with the taste. My son took the bag and that was the last time I saw the rest of the yogurt clusters. Everything was great and my family and I were happy with how every thing tasted.

SunRidge FarmsDisclaimer: I got the SunRidge Farms products free to do this product review and was not paid for my response.

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10 thoughts on “SunRidge Farms organic and all natural foods

  1. these look really good. I would definitely feel good about my family eating these products.

  2. My daughter in law would love these -organic and healthy snacks! I like that it’s family owned and high quality. Dark chocolate always ranks high on my list…maybe they will even do a dark chocolate banana since they have a dark chocolate raisin.

  3. i love snacks like this, i usually buy my own and mix them together in a bag. love sunflower, pumpkin, nuts (no peanuts), dried fruit, seeds, etc.

  4. Dark chocolate is always great. We are always looking for healthier snacks to satisfy everyone. A mix of sweet and salty is nice. I can see where these would please a lot of people.

  5. I love natural organic snacks and I love fruit and dark chocolate, so these will be perfect for me.

  6. Love that they use dark chocolate for their raisins and that they have organic banana chips. Now, I just hope their next product will be dark chocolate covered bananas.

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