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SunRype Sample package SunRype grew out of the fresh fruit business in the lush Okanagan Valley. In 1946, the BC Fruit Growers Association began to produce and sell a pure 100% apple juice, made with apples straight from the orchard. They named their new juice "SunRype," and that is how it all started.

100% Real Fruit Goodness… Available In The Produce Section – Click here to find out where to buy SunRype near you.

Eating the product I got a bunch of SunRype products to try out. I have never seen nor have I tried Sunrype before this review. I was amazed at all the different products they had. The first SunRype product that caught my eye was the Just fruit & grains Summer Berries bar. You can see the berries and grain in the bar and the taste was great. I felt good eating the bar as I knew it was good for me. My son went for the fruit strips as he loves fruit roll ups. The fruit strips were a big hit with my son and I was very happy that he liked the strips as they are way better for him to eat than the fruit roll ups. The fruit strips were gone in a week. My husband took a different fruit bar a day to work with him in his lunch and said that they made a great mid morning snack. I love when I can open my eyes to a new product and one that is good for my family. So far SunRype is only sold in Walmart by me and I Have 3 by me so I can't wait to go get more as my son keeps asking for more of the fruit strips.

SunRype sweepRight now you can enter the ‘PAY IT FORWARD’ FOR BACK TO SCHOOL SWEEPSTAKES on the SunRype facebook page for your chance to win one of the three prizes to be won: MacBook Air Computer 64GB and a selection of SunRype snack, Plus the winner can ‘Pay It Forward’ and select a local community center or school where they would like SunRype to donate up to 2,000 0.5oz (14g) 100% Fruit Strips. Only one entry per person allowed. Sweepstakes ends 9/27/13.

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Disclaimer: I got the SunRype products free to do this product Review and was not paid for my response.

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  1. I like that they use natural and fresh produce for fruity bars. It’s good that they are sold at Walmart. This makes it accessible to lots of people. Hope to try soon.

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