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JAM Paper: Back To School Supply Kit Review

JAM Paper: Back To School Supply KitI got one clear 3 ring 1 inch binder, a green plastic folder, 3 plastic binder envelopes with velcro closure in blue, purple and pink and a purple slide pencil case. All these items can be found on the Jam Paper & Envelope site for all your back to school needs. This is a great way to be greener for all your school supplies.

Everything for schoolI like how everything is bright colored and the envelopes fit great in the binder. The green folder is great for a home work & message folder as it is made of plastic and is very durable. The pencil case is great for keeping track of all your writing utensils for easy access.

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Ghost & binder

Ghost checking out the binder

Disclaimer: I got the Jam Paper products free to do this product review and was not paid for my response..