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July’s Food & Drink Product Roundup 2018

I get products sent to me daily to try out. I unfortunately don’t have time to do a post for each item that I get to review. So I want to make sure these items get seen and learned about. The only other solution I could see to do is to do a July’s Food & Drink Product Roundup 2018 on the products I like and want my readers to know about. I hope you enjoy these as much as I and my other reviewers did.

Beat the post meal slump, Good Idea will make a real difference. Its blend of five amino acids and chromium is proven to cut the blood sugar spike after a meal by, on average, 25%. This helps you avoid the crashes and cravings that can appear after eating. In the longer perspective cutting the sugar spikes is a great investment for a healthy life. Good Idea is un-sweetened, without added sugar, all natural, and non-GMO. Let Good Idea help you stay awake and be energized after lunch, refreshed before or following a workout, at a party, or on a diet. Good Idea is a positive lifestyle change made easy!

Vegetables are the first and primary ingredient in every Garden Lites product. Whether the vegetables that make up the product are hidden, like zucchini and carrots in our Chocolate muffins, or the highlight of the product like kale and cauliflower in our Superfood Veggie Cakes, Garden Lites makes eating your veggies delicious.

Parmesan, Jarlsberg & Cheddar Folios™ are lightly baked sheets of cheese. Recipe ready to crisp, wrap, roll or melt. A deliciously creative and convenient way to enjoy cheese your way everyday! Crisp it in the microwave and form bowls, chips or crumble over soups and salads. make a carb free, high protein wrap or roll. Made from part-skim all natural cheese.

A mild, semi-soft, part skim cheese made from cow’s milk. Jarlsberg® is famous around the world for its characteristic mild, sweet and nutty taste and its large round holes. Jarlsberg® is such a wonderfully versatile cheese – whether you buy it as a regular staple for sandwiches, a complement for salads, a tasty addition to your cheese board or as an irresistible snack! It is available with or without its distinctive rind, either cut to suit your needs (wedges, slices, chunks), as a grab-and-go cheese (cheese snacks and cheese crisps) or as a mighty 10kg (22 lb) wheel. Jarlsberg® is the #1 specialty cheese brand in the USA.