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July’s Food & Drink Product #Roundup 2019

I get products sent to me daily to try out. I unfortunately don’t have time to do a post for each item that I get to review. So I want to make sure these items get seen and learned about. The only other solution I could see to do is to do a July’s Food & Drink Product Roundup 2019 on the products I like and want my readers to know about. I hope you enjoy these as much as I and my other reviewers did.

  • V8 100% Vegetable Juice. Expertly blended for a delicious taste
  • Package includes 24, 11.5 oz. V8 juice cans
  • 2 full servings of veggies and an excellent source of antioxidant vitamins A & C in every can
  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and Non-GMO
  • Perfect for your Bloody Mary drink recipes

  • CRISPY AND SAVORY Perfectly baked crispy cookie shell filled with delicious milk chocolate
  • 6 CUPS Comes with 6 fun and delicious cups containing cookies
  • A TREAT FOR ANY MOOD Mood emojis on the cookies are a treat for any mood you are in.
  • ON THE GO CUP Uniquely designed cups allows you to carry your cookies to everywhere

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Mint is well known for its ability to sooth the digestive tract and reduce the severity and length of stomach aches. In addition, mint teas and other herbal preparations have shown great promise at easing the discomfort associated with irritable bowel syndrome, and even at slowing the growth of many of the most harmful bacteria and fungi. The well-documented anti fungal properties of mint are thought to play a role in the treatment of asthma and many allergy conditions as well.

Gluten Free, Kosher Parve, Herbs Luisa Leaves, Lemon verbena, A great addition to vegetable salads & stews. Brew into a delicious tea.

Steeped Coffee bags are filled with fresh, direct trade coffee that’s roasted locally in small batches and precision ground to the micron. From Decaf to French roast, we have a blend for you.

September’s Health and Wellness Product Roundup 2018

I get products sent to me daily to try out. I unfortunately don’t have time to do a post for each item that I get to review. So I want to make sure these items get seen and learned about. The only other solution I could see to do is to do a Health and Wellness Product Roundup 2018 on the products I like and want my readers to know about. I hope you enjoy these as much as I and my other reviewers did.

Magnesium Citrate capsules manufactured by Superior Labs contains 160mg Elemental Magnesium from 1,000 pure Magnesium Citrate per serving, with absolutely no magnesium stearate, dioxides, preservatives or other potentially harmful artificial ingredients of any kind.

Keto by Design contains exogenous BHB ketone salts. Studies report BHB increases blood ketone levels, induces ketosis when carbs are consumed, reduces appetite and lowers blood glucose. Specifically, the National Institute of Health (NIH) reported Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) helped achieve ketosis even when carbohydrates were consumed. While it is not recommended to consume high carbohydrates to achieve ketosis, ketone salts work perfectly for those on a low carb diet who have a cheat day but want to stay in ketosis or who want to breakthrough a keto weight loss plateau. BHB accelerates ketosis for rapid weight loss to get a ripped body by creating a thermogenic metabolic fire to help you get the lean muscular results you deserve! BHB aids performance levels and focus to activate beast mode workouts. Keto by Design helps with: fat loss acceleration, maintaining ketosis on cheat days, maintaining low blood sugar, inducing ketosis, reducing the appetite, boosting of the metabolism, has an thermogenic effect, improvement of mental focus, increasing energy, enhancing performance, and endurance. It comes in a convenient, easy to swallow capsule form Fast acting, quick release capsules Use for cutting or contest prep Keto by Design is made in the USA, non-GMO, in an GMP, FDA approved lab, is all natural, has no fillers, no carbs, and is cruelty free.

✔ POWERFUL SKIN REVITALIZING KIT –This innovative skincare kit features ancient jade rolling techniques with a modern twist. It includes our authentic 100% natural jade roller plus exclusive vitamin C with hyaluronic acid facial serum. Using these two together is proven to reduce the look of double chin and neck folds, eye puffiness, enlarged pores and the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. It also helps firm, tighten and brighten your look and revives the skin tone for a more vibrant look.

✔ ADVANCED INNOVATIVE FACIAL SERUM – Our proprietary Vitamin C 20% with Hyaluronic Acid facial serum  contains a high-concentration of powerful antioxidants which are optimized for instant absorption into the skin. The moisturizing formula helps make fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable. Hyaluronic Acid is naturally occurring in our body, boosting your skins Hyaluronic Acid helps hydrate, plump and rejuvenate – leaving skin proudly shining with a healthier youthful appearance that glows!

✔ PERFECT SIZE AND EASY TO USE – Features dual ended rollers to ensure that all areas of the face and neck can be rolled on effectively. Each roller head massages the skin as it easily glides along all contours of the face. The compact size and the carry bag makes it perfect for stashing away in your tote for touch-ups on the go. The informative E-book provides simple instructions that help you reach your skin care goals.

✔ SAFE AND EFFECTIVE – The jade roller made of 100% all natural gemstone and is safe to use with all skin types. The facial serum can be used on most sensitive skin types and is paraben & cruelty free (not tested on animals). Apply the facial serum prior to rolling. It provides a clean base for absorption of nutrients as it massages the serum on the skin.

This homeopathic complex features:
~ 5 mg of melatonin, a hormone naturally found in the body, thought to help regulate sleep and wakefulness.
~ Valerian root, studied for its sedative properties and efficacy in relieving anxiety and other temporary stress symptoms. Ours is standardized with 0.8% Valerenic Acid, the active ingredient in Valerian.
~ Magnesium, a mineral known to help muscles relax, leading the body to experience a pleasant “sleepy” feeling.

Magical origins that is handy for a healthy and balanced lifestyle today. Derived from the resin from a native tree found in Africa and the Middle East, myrrh is one of the most widely known and used essential oil today. Being a winner comes easy with this oil which was quoted 152 times in the Bible and has long been trusted and favored for its purifying effects for over a millennia. The arid conditions of its native habitat and its twisted gnarled frame unsurprisingly yields a sap packed with phytonutrient goodness including being rich in natural antioxidants, an evocative rich aroma that reminds one of centredness and spiritual peace. A favorite in perfumery for ages, it promotes healthy living with its rich natural healing properties, and is used in cleansing and clearing a space of negative vibes, while promoting a deep hypnotic state of relaxation.

A native of Australia, these evergreen plants that grow in the subtropical regions and form part of the natural diet for the Koalas are a pharmaceutical wonder. Cooling to the body, it helps promote smoother breathing and whips a great dose of goodness for better circulation, treating aches and infections.

Milk Thistle’s active component, silymarin, a free-radical fighter, supports healthy liver functions and overall health

Aloe Vera has been known to support:
Immune System
Stomach Acid Level
Gastrointestinal Tract
Blood Sugar Level
Cholesterol Level
Intestinal Flora Level as a Prebiotic

Feel revitalized, rejuvenated, energized, and ready for anything!

No Junk Added – Just wholesome aloe vera. It contains no gluten, soy, dairy, wheat, yeast, corn, or sugar. Also free from colorants and food dyes. Our aloe plants are grown without the use of Pesticides and are GMO Free.

Because there is no sugar or artificial flavors added, this drink is best when paired with a flavored beverage of your choice.

Ingredients: Aloe barbadensis (vera) leaf juice, citric acid, sodium erythorbate, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.

-Contains 40mg of very potent, patented “Ceramide-PCD”*, unlike generic, cheaper Phytoceramide 350 mg variants. 40mg of this top-notch quality formula is enough to obtain amazing anti-aging results and it is reported to be far more effective than those Phytoceramides 350mg with generic material.

-Our Phytoceramides Capsules are derived from rice and are better than 350mg wheat based ceramides, and those derived from potato and others.

-Made in the USA, in GMP certified and FDA registered facilities to highest standards. No GMOs.

*Ceramide-PCD is a registered trademark of Tru Body Wellness.

This delicious, purifying brew makes getting in shape easy! Her Fit Shape is a 14 day detox program, designed to help you sip your way to a healthy body weight.

Her Fit Shape combines a variety of fragrant teas and herbs which work together to boost your metabolism and help you slim down with ease. Its gentle cleansing formula helps flush away excess waste and toxins that weigh you down. Her Fit Shape can also reduce gas and bloating to give you that envied flat belly.

August’s Food & Drink Product Roundup 2017

I get products sent to me daily to try out. I unfortunately don’t have time to do a post for each item that I get to review. So I want to make sure these items get seen and learned about. The only other solution I could see to do is to do a August’s Food & Drink Product Roundup 2017 on the products I like and want my readers to know about. I hope you enjoy these as much as I and my other reviewers did.

FoodPetite Brownie Bites

In the mood for chocolate? Gobble up one of our Petite Brownie Bites, little bite sized pieces of chocolate heaven, right out of the box or warmed up. Even better, savor one with a tall glass of cold milk or a bowl of creamy vanilla ice cream.

 Drink Hyleys TeaCaffeine free, 100% natural product, 25 foil envelope tea bags, 1.32 oz
Hyleys Mint Sleep Tea can naturally help you fall asleep better. This gentle, yet fast-acting caffeine free herbal tea encourages healthy sleep patterns and leaves you feeling refreshed upon waking.

A delicious, soothing blend that’s just right for drinking before bedtime. So, relax and drink Hyleys Mint Sleep Tea for good night’s sleep.

100% natural product, 25 foil envelope tea bags, 1.32 oz
Hyleys Acai Berry SLIM TEA is a wonderful tea beverage with weight loss enhancing properties*.

It uses only the highest quality ingredients. It is mild and pleasant in taste & texture to drink.

100% natural product, 25 foil envelope tea bags, 1.32 oz
Hyleys 5 Flavor Assortment SLIM TEA Acai Berry, Goji Berry, Pomegranate, Raspberry and Blueberry is a wonderful tea beverage with weight loss enhancing properties*

It uses only the highest quality ingredients. It is mild and pleasant in taste & texture to drink.

My Diet ChefTHERE YOU ARE, STARING INTO THE PANTRY AGAIN… And there they are, those sugary treats, staring back at you. You know they aren’t any good for you, but you just want something sweet! Then you remember, you took the time to get yourself some Slimming Tea By My Diet Chef!! GOOD CALL THAT’S what you reach for, and within 3 minutes, not only are you satiating that sweet tooth, but you’re feeling good about yourself at the same time! Isn’t that what it’s all about? HEALTHY TEA FOR A HEALTHY YOU Created by Master Chef Jeff, who’s credit extends to the kitchens of the rich and famous, this Peppermint and Star Anise based tea is a true testament to herbal weight loss! No need for diet pills that give you the jitters and are toxic to your system, when you’ve got this caffeine and jitter free tea to encourage your body to let go of water weight, decrease appetite, and give you the will power to improve your diet, one cup at a time. GET RID OF THE SUGAR Our tea is naturally sweet, so there’s no need for added sweeteners that take so much away from an otherwise great for you product!

My Diet ChefEnjoy as a daily tea. You will love the taste and benefits of the natural herbs. Drink as a part of our 7-day detox program Body Reboot. Steep the tea in hot water for 3-5 minutes. Great Taste: Though the purpose of our Detox Tea is to naturally cleanse your liver and ward your body of harmful toxins, it tastes amazing too. Chef Jeff worked hard on this recipe, not only to help detox your body, but to taste amazing as well.Tastes Great Iced: If you like iced tea, then you are going to love this blend iced. Simply make a batch (or two) and cool to room temperature, and pour over iced cubes. Garnish with lemons or limes.

Banana WaveCreated from one of nature’s most universally-loved fruits – the banana – BANANA WAVE bananamilk is a delicious, creamy and nutrient-filled new option derived from an ancient African recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation and first introduced to company founder, Neter Alkebulan, by his own Grandmother.

BANANA WAVE bananamilk contains three of nature’s “superfoods” – fruit, grains and seeds – and because it begins with pure banana puree one serving contains as much potassium as a small banana as well as 29 vitamins and minerals and 1200 mg of Omega-3s. BANANA WAVE bananamilk contains plant-based protein, is a good source of fiber, and is all natural, dairy-free, gluten-free and certified Non-GMO by Greenleaf Non-GMO.

Naturally sweet, BANANA WAVE bananamilk is a nutritious option for anyone with an on-the-go lifestyle, active kids, athletes, and of course, banana lovers. Delicious and refreshing on its own as a snack or meal replacement, BANANA WAVE bananamilk is also perfect for smoothies, on cereal or for use in cooking and baking. It’s great for vegans, vegetarians, those managing a dairy or nut allergy or for anyone looking to finally be inspired by non-dairy milk again!

All five varieties of Beetology are 100 percent non-GMO, USDA Certified Organic and Certified Fair Trade. The 100 percent juice blends contain no preservatives, additives, artificial colors, or flavors, according to the Kayco. They are also non-soy, non-dairy, and certified kosher.

Varieties include Beet + Lemon + Ginger, Beet + Veggie, Beet + Tropical Fruit, Beet + Berry, and Beet + Cherry.

The delicious Folgers taste you love is now crafted into premeasured tabs of 100% pure ground coffee, so you can brew a perfectly consistent pot every time. You’ll never over scoop or under scoop. With these perfectly measured tabs, there’s no measuring and no mess. They brew the same way as your regular ground coffee, using one tab for each regular coffee scoop. The most important meal of the day has found its ideal match. Folgers Perfect Measures Breakfast Blend ground coffee tabs are a ray of sunshine in a cup—smooth, mellow and mild, it’s a delightful way to start every morning from Monday to Sunday.

Folgers Perfect Measures Classic Roast ground coffee has a fresh, eye-opening aroma that will lure you out of bed day after day, and delight your senses cup after cup.

Folgers Perfect Measures Classic Decaf Roast ground coffee is made from Mountain Grown beans and delivers flavor and aroma that stay consistent—and consistently smooth—cup after cup.

Wake up to a bold, yet exceptionally smooth blend with a rich, robust taste. Folgers Perfect Measures Black Silk ground coffee tabs are a no-nonsense dark roast with a smooth-as-silk flavor.

Folgers Perfect Measures 100% Colombian ground coffee boasts a distinctively rich and full-bodied taste courtesy of 100% authentic Colombian beans. From the first cup to the last, this hearty coffee is a flavorful stand out.

USDA Certified Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

mix 1/2 teaspoon matcha powder with 8 to 12 oz of hot water to drink. Whisk until all mixed. Enjoy Add warm milk and a sweetener of your choice to make a delicious matcha latte. Matcha tea powder can also be mixed in with smoothies or used in baking

DripDrop ORS electrolyte powder sticks transform water into medical grade hydration. With 3x electrolytes and 1/2 the sugar of sports drinks, DripDrop ORS was developed by a doctor to hydrate longer for increased endurance, absorb faster for quick relief, with great taste for easy digestion.

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July’s Food & Drink Product Roundup 2016

I get products sent to me daily to try out. I unfortunately don’t have time to do a post for each item that I get to review. So I want to make sure these items get seen and learned about. The only other solution I could see to do is to do a Food & Drink Product Roundup on the products I like and want my readers to know about. I hope you enjoy these as much as I and my other reviewers did.

Sara Lee Peanut Butter Creme CakesLooking for a delicious peanut butter snack? Look no further! Our NEW Peanut Butter Creme Cakes, cakes are covered in chocolate and have a smooth peanut butter creme filling. A snack cake you are sure to enjoy!

Xyience Xenergy DrinkXYIENCE Performance Energy Drink – Great tasting, Zero calories, Sugar free, All natural colors and flavors.
Cherry Lime.
Mango Guava.
Frostberry Blast.
Blue Pomegranate.
Cran Razz.
Fruit Punch.
Melon Mayhem.

Think Thin High Protein Smoothie Mix, Strawberry Raspberry & Peanut Butter Banana MixThis innovative mix combines the three essential building blocks for consumers to make a nutritious, delicious smoothie at home: real fruit, a protein boost, and beneficial mix-ins like chia seeds. Each pre-portioned package of thinkThin High Protein Smoothie Mix delivers 15 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, real fruit pieces, and 160mg of omega-3 ALA’s from chia seeds and ground flax-seed. Simply tear open a packet, pour into a blender along with almond milk (or another favorite liquid base), ice and blend for an energizing smoothie drink.

SunRype BarsSunRype’s Fruit & Chia bars are fruit & whole grain bars with gluten free oats, flax & seeds. They are available in two delicious flavor combinations – Apple Cinnamon and Mango Twist. Not only are these bars delicious, they are a good source of vital nutrients like phosphorus, magnesium, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids to help you feel your best every day.

 With delectable chocolate and coconut, energy bars have never tasted so good. Full of fruit, gluten-free oats, sunflower seeds, flax, and our energetic blend of pea protein, green tea and ginseng. It’s a healthy energy boost for jam-packed days.

With delectable chocolate and raspberry, energy bars have never tasted so good. Full of fruit, gluten-free oats, sunflower seeds, flax, and our energetic blend of pea protein, green tea and ginseng. It’s a healthy energy boost for jam-packed days.

Pūrjus, 100% fruit and vegetable juicesFor parents who are tired of unintentionally giving their kids unhealthy juices filled with addictive artificial sugar and flavors, there’s a new affordable option that is both delicious and nutritious for you and your child.

I introduce to you, pūrjus, 100% fruit and vegetable juices that are made in Austria from premium, organic, non-GMO ingredients. Unlike other juices, pūrjus contains no added sugars, artificial colors or preservatives. This will both naturally nourish the body and increase daily fruit and vegetable consumption to maintain a balanced and healthy diet that is crucial for a growing child.

Parenting can get expensive! pūrjus is set at an affordable price of $4.99 and is packaged in a 16.9 fl.oz. bottle. It is available in three delicious flavors including apple, beet, and beet apple pear.

Pūrjus, 100% fruit and vegetable juices

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Guest: Old Orchard Fruit & Veggie Giveaway 11/29 Daily US

Old Orchard Giveaway Hosted by Pea of Sweetness

Sponsored by Old Orchard

Old Orchard Fruit & Veggie from concentrate is a new line of 100% natural fruit and vegetable juice blends available for the first time as a frozen fruit juice concentrate. Each 12-ounce container reconstitutes to six, 8-ounce servings and every glass contains a full serving of fruit and vegetables, 100% of the daily value of vitamin C, 50% of the daily value of vitamin A and boosts of calcium and iron. Available in Blueberry Pomegranate, Peach Mango and Strawberry Banana varieties, Old Orchard Fruit & Veggie features no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

About the prize: Five lucky winners will each receive a coupon to redeem for a free 12oz Old Orchard Frozen Juice Concentrate!

About the giveaway: This giveaway ends on 11/29 at 11:00pm (times are Central) and is open to US residents ages 18+. Please refer to the full terms and conditions in the Giveaway Tools.

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Brew Over Ice Review

Brew over ice prize pkThis Brew Over Ice Pack is great and came in perfect time as we have been having hot and humid weather. My husband loves and I mean loves drinking ice cold tea and trying the Snapple Peach Iced tea from this review was all it took. My husband now has Snapple K-Cups on my grocery list. I liked the vitamin burst strawberry pomegranate brew the flavors really popped in my mouth and tasted great. Our good friend had the Donut Shop sweet & creamy regular iced coffee and said it tasted like what she gets from the drive thru at her favorite restaurant. The plastic tumbler and reusable straw is great as I like having my drinks covered so bugs don't get into my drink. The light up ice bucket is really cool looking and I can't wait to use it at our next cook out or game night when we have a bunch of people over.

The whole prize packThere is also a Brew Over Ice Instant Win Game and Sweepstakes that I posted about that you can play daily until 9/3/13 for a chance to win.

Right now you can print a $2 off product coupon here

You can connect with Brew Over Ice on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Ice tea freshly brewed You can enter to win a Brew Over Ice Prize Pack:

  • 3 Brew Over Ice K-Cup® samples to help you find your favorite icy brew
  • 1 Brew Over Ice tumbler
  • 4 Brew Over Ice coasters
  • 1 Brew Over Ice light-up ice bucket with ice tongs to help keep those cold drinks a-brewin'

Prize pack Now for the giveaway: One lucky person will win a Brew Over Ice Prize Pack. This is open to US and ends 8/29/2013 @ 11:59 pm est. To enter, simply do the tasks on the Rafflecopter widget below and you're set to have a chance to win! Remember you can't win if you don't enter. It only takes one entry to win!

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TEAS’ TEA half&HALF green tea with a splash of fruit

TEAS' TEA half&HALF green tea with a splash of fruit1

TEAS' TEA half&HALF is brewed using the finest green tea leaves and slightly sweetened with only 50 calories per serving. half&HALF comes in 5 delicious flavors – green tea & lemon, green tea & green apple (which came in second place at the North American Tea Championships 2012), green tea & peach, green tea & coconut, green tea & grape.  SRP $1.99 per bottle for 16.9 FL OZ (500 ml). The half&HALF beverage is available at specialty grocery stores, select Whole Foods, Wegmans and online at www.amazon.com and www.teastea.com.

Green Tea is heralded for it’s many potential health benefits from cancer prevention, heart health prevention, blood oxidation, immune system booster, weight loss aid and more. This article from Huffington Post provides a good and easy to understand overview of all the green tea health benefits. Tea Health Benefits: 8 Ways It Could Benefit Our Bodies

Interesting Facts:

After water tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. On any given day, over 160 million Americans are drinking tea. (Source: The Tea Association of the USA).

ITO EN pioneered the first bottled green tea in the world.


We recommend mixing chilled champagne with a splash of half&HALF green tea lemonade or green apple for a delicious Summer cocktail – perhaps for a wedding shower, ladies night or Summer party entertaining.

Pour TEAS' TEA half&HALF into your favorite ice-cube trays to make ice cube shapes of our half&HALF green tea with peach.

Mix TEAS' TEA half&HALF green tea lemon with Seltzer or Tonic water to give it a fizz. Add slices of lemon for added Summer entertaining.

TEAS' TEA half&HALFI was able to try the TEAS' TEA half&HALF Acerola Cherry Green Tea and I can say that I like this better than regular tea. The flavor is great and not over powering like others I have had. The tea is only 50 calories per serving. My husband choose to try the TEAS' TEA half&HALF Green Apple Green Tea and he said it was really refreshing and better than drinking a sports drink. My husband works in a factory all day and with the summer heat approaching my husband is always looking for a drink to quench his thirst and that is not going to make him more thirsty. With TEAS' TEA half&HALF my husband feels he is drinking and getting something more than quenching his thirst. The half&HALF teas were great and I can't wait to get other flavors to try. I can't wait to try the ice cube idea for my next family BBQ. What a great idea for adding and doing something different that most don't think of doing.

TEAS' TEA half&HALFI received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.