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February’s Health and Wellness Product Roundup 2017

I get products sent to me daily to try out. I unfortunately don’t have time to do a post for each item that I get to review. So I want to make sure these items get seen and learned about. The only other solution I could see to do is to do a February’s Health and Wellness Product Roundup 2017 on the products I like and want my readers to know about. I hope you enjoy these as much as I and my other reviewers did.

Skin HealthProfessional Swiss Formula Anti-Aging Day Cream with SPF 20 (unscented) features Edelweiss, a special anti-aging plant that grows in the Swiss Alps. Combined with Hyaluronic Acid, Coconut Oil, Moringa Oil and Vitamin E this day cream is specifically formulated to restore firmness and provide and every day protection from the sun for a more youthful and vibrant skin.

Urinary Tract HealthIf urinary tract health is a priority for you, HealthyWiser UTI Test Strips can provide an easy way to stay on top of things. Our urine test strips are designed to detect changes in the urinary tract, easy to use and provide accurate readings with fast results. Our 120-count bottle means you can discreetly test at home and then, call your doctor with the results, as often as you need. Our 3-in-1 urinalysis test strips give you clear readings on:
✔ Nitrates
✔ Leukocytes
✔ pH
And our color chart makes it easy to determine your results.

Directions for Use:
Remove one strip from the bottle and replace the cap immediately.
Dip reagent area of the strip in urine specimen for a few seconds them remove quickly.
Remove excess urine on the strip against the rim of the specimen container.
Check results carefully within 60 seconds under good lighting and compare strip to color chart. Color changes after 2 minutes have no diagnostic significance. Results for leukocytes test can be read within 120 seconds.

To maintain strip freshness and effectiveness; store in a cool, dry place, away from light and moisture; promptly replace cap after removing strip; leave desiccants in bottle; keep lid tightly sealed; and use within expiration date.

pH Test StripsSimply put, pH is a measurement of your body’s electrical balance and helps to regulate several bodily functions. If your pH varies too much it’s difficult for enzymes to function properly, which can lead to illness. The fastest, most accurate way to measure your pH is by using pH test strips. Healthy Wiser pH Test Strips make it easy for you to monitor your pH levels from home and get fast, accurate results. Using either saliva or urine you can test your pH to determine if your body is too acidic or too alkaline.

If your pH is too acidic it can cause:
✔ Energy drain, headaches and indigestion
✔ Bone degeneration
✔ Muscle loss
✔ Insulin sensitivity that results in weight gain and increased risk for diabetes

If your pH is too alkaline it can cause:
✔ Nerve and joint pain
✔ Arthritis
✔ Insomnia
✔ Body stiffness

Bug Bite HealthThe Bug Bite Thing is an easy-to-use suction pump that quickly and effectively removes the poison beneath the skin’s surface to immediately stop the pain and itch from insect bites. It works on a wide range of bites including mosquitoes, bees, wasps, fire ants and biting flies.

– Instant relief from bug bites and stings
– Clinically proven & kid friendly
– Compact, lightweight and easy to carry
– Unlimited use, no mess and never expires

Health Labs Nutra Digestive Enzymes Get Fast Relief from Gas, Bloating, Constipation and More!

If you suffer from gas, bloating, constipation or any other symptoms caused by IBS or intestinal problems, a digestive enzyme supplement may be all you need to take back control of your body and start eating the foods you love, again. Even if you don’t have digestive issues, everyone can benefit from taking digestive enzymes with their meals, as they help maximize nutrient intake from food. Poor diet and rapid eating can cause incomplete breakdown of foods and without the enzymes needed for proper digestion, the body may not be able to digest and absorb all the valuable nutrients it needs. But why are plant enzymes best? All bodies are different. Some digestive tracts are more acidic and some are more alkaline. With plant-sourced enzymes, you get the best of both worlds by effectively neutralizing both acidic and alkaline systems. Whether you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome or just want to improve your digestive health, Ultimate Digestive Solution is the answer – even if you’ve tried everything else.

RUN GUM Run Gum is the fastest way to help energize and maximize your performance in sport and life. Our energy gum is packed with caffeine, taurine, and b-vitamins, similar to many energy drinks and energy shots. It is a convenient, lightweight, immediate source of energy and focus! One pack is similar to a cup of coffee or an energy drink. Run Gum comes in three delicious flavors: fruit, mint, and cinnamon.

Activa NaturalsDelicious & Nourishing Green Powder for Your Health!

Activa Naturals Green Superfood is blended to perfection with whole leaf greens, antioxidants fruits, prebiotics & probiotics
and digestive enzymes. Every ingredient goes through our highest quality process to ensure we provide you the best nutrition in every scoop.
In order to make our greens formula the best, we add chlorophyll, organic chlorella (cracked cell-wall) and organic flax seed for cleansing and boost energy.

Knee Compression SleeveWhy Buy Furious Fit wear Knee Compression Support Sleeve?

– Fashionable, Stylish, Durable, Light weight and Comfortable Knee Brace for Superior Comfort throughout the Day

– Anti-Slip Technology – It doesn’t roll, slide or slip down due to Double Silicone Wave Knitting providing the best grip

– Right Optimal Compression to Support Knees for challenges e.g. Inflammation, ACL , MCL, PCL, arthritis, tendonitis, osteoarthritis, muscle pain joint inflammation or joint pain, meniscus tears and other knee joint issues due to professional grade fabric and 3D Weaving Technology

– 4-way Compression Stretch Capability for full range of motion, protection and superior comfort

– Suitable for all age groups to support joint and muscle recovery through better blood circulation

– High Performance Washable, Breathable and Fashionable Fabric (68% Polyamide, 8% Spandex & 24% Latex)

Skin HealthOften used in professional facials, Cliganic Blackhead Remover kit helps you to quickly extract blackheads or whiteheads. Each tool has a different loop size and a specific purpose to fulfill all your needs.

Included in this kit:
(5) Professional double-ended extractor tools
Elegant travel case (color: Blue)
Detailed step-by-step instructions
Information about the uses of each tool and important cautions

Don’t get confused! Follow the instructions to make sure you are using it right.

Nature's Potent - Hair, Skin and Nails VitaminsWhat Are Healthy Hair Skin and Nails Vitamins?

The formula of Nature’s Potent Hair, Skin and Nails vitamins is brimming with the elements your body needs on a daily basis. All of the ingredients are important for producing the desired result and they affect your beauty differently.

Vitamin C is the #1 element for promoting skin health. It’s one of the most potent antioxidants available. This beauty vitamin helps slow down the process of aging and enhances blood flow, making your skin literally glow with beauty.

Biotin stands out among all the vitamins for hair growth by its efficiency, so our Hair, Skin and Nails has a large dose of it. It promotes hair and nail health on the cellular level as well as supports skin health.

Vitamin E is one of the premier vitamins for nail strength, and it’s also a highly potent antioxidant. Of course, Nature’s Potent Hair, Skin and Nails vitamins are also complemented by minerals, such as calcium, copper, manganese, and zinc. With such a mix of essential nutrients, our product enhances not only your natural beauty but your general wellbeing as well.

Water RiteStrengthen Formula: The most naturals and effective diuretic such as Dandelion, Green Tea, Cranberry, Juniper, Buchu, Watermelon,etc are condensed in WATER RITE‘s capsules making sure you get the utmost relief for water retention.

Eye HealthThe MagicGel Blepharitis Eye Mask is a reusable hot compress mask used to relieve symptoms of Blepharitis, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGB), and Dry Eye Syndrome.

Blood Pressure Monitor Compact, portable and simple-to-use, the Ozeri CardioTech BP5K Blood Pressure Monitor is an advanced wrist cuff monitor with a new intelligent voice-guided feature that alerts you to the proper positioning of your wrist for accurate blood pressure measurements. The audible voice also automatically provides a hypertension assessment after displaying the systolic and diastolic measurements on its large easy-to-read LCD. With ample memory, the Ozeri CardioTech Blood Pressure Monitor stores up to 180 blood pressure readings with date and time memory recall (90 readings x 2 users), and automatically classifies each blood pressure reading according to World Health Organization hypertension guidelines. It calculates average blood pressure readings based on all readings in memory, AM versus PM readings, or the 3 most recent readings. The Ozeri CardioTech Blood Pressure Monitor also detects irregular heartbeat (Arrhythmia) for an improved understanding of your heart’s health. Backed by a 5 year warranty, the Ozeri CardioTech Blood Pressure Monitor ships with 2 AAA batteries included, a carrying case and user manual.Compact, portable and simple-to-use, the Ozeri CardioTech BP5K Blood Pressure Monitor is an advanced wrist cuff monitor with a new intelligent voice-guided feature that alerts you to the proper positioning of your wrist for accurate blood pressure measurements. The audible voice also automatically provides a hypertension assessment after displaying the systolic and diastolic measurements on its large easy-to-read LCD. With ample memory, the Ozeri CardioTech Blood Pressure Monitor stores up to 180 blood pressure readings with date and time memory recall (90 readings x 2 users), and automatically classifies each blood pressure reading according to World Health Organization hypertension guidelines. It calculates average blood pressure readings based on all readings in memory, AM versus PM readings, or the 3 most recent readings. The Ozeri CardioTech Blood Pressure Monitor also detects irregular heartbeat (Arrhythmia) for an improved understanding of your heart’s health. Backed by a 5 year warranty, the Ozeri CardioTech Blood Pressure Monitor ships with 2 AAA batteries included, a carrying case and user manual.

Green Tea Supplement BeLive’s Green Tea EGCG:
Epigallocatechin gallate, is a powerful antioxidant that will help support the cardiovascular and immune system. It is known to treat or prevent common cancer and disease in many research studies. The health benefits of Green Tea EGCG continues to expand in the pharmaceutial and healthcare industries for these reason.

Healthycell ProThe only multi-nutrient system that impacts the “building block” of the body – the cell – to optimize quality of life and healthspan. Contains the essential vitamins and minerals to replace your multivitamin, combined with 60 phytonutrients to impact cell health, probiotics and enzymes for nutrient absorption, and unique morning / evening formulas for a 24-hour nutrition cycle that improves sleep, boosts energy, and sharpens focus.

Premium Gel Hot and Cold PackIt’s an Ice Pack and a strap for acute injuries like sprains pulls and trapped nerves as well as long term pain relief.

It works by either hot therapy (heating up the gel pack in the microwave) or cold therapy (cooling it in the freezer) then placing on the painful area with some light compression using the strap provided.

The compression is possible because the strapping has a strong Velcro attachment. You can wear it on the training field or back in the office when recovering.

Liver Support & Cleanse,Worried about the impact of fatty foods, alcohol, and other factors on your liver? Get natural protection with Nature’s Potent Liver Support Complex! This advanced detox formula is enriched with Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Artichoke and other natural plant extracts thought to support the liver’s ability to rid the body of harmful toxins that can compromise your health and well being.

January Beauty Product RoundUp #3

I get products sent to me daily to try out. I unfortunately don't have time to do a post for each item that I get to review. So I want to make sure these items get seen and learned about. The only other solution I could see to do is to do a beauty product roundup posts on the products I like and want my readers to know about.


Hyaluronic Acid Serum by Sano Naturals
What it is:
An organically derived, ultra moisturizing serum that visibly improves dryness, wrinkles and fine lines. A face serum to lift and tone the look of aging and sagging skin while reducing discoloration due to sun damage, aging, and acne scarring.

What it is formulated to do:
This advanced treatment addresses signs of aging on the face, including wrinkles, fine lines, smile lines, creases and crow's feet. Deep penetrating to seal in hydration to firm and smooth skin's appearance for a youthful-looking complexion.
Dual-function serum maximizes lift by providing both protection and repair. Loaded with essential Vitamin C, the powerful antioxidant takes charge of free radicals and repairs damaged skin. The Hyaluronic Acid works with Vitamin C, promoting absorption and hydrating the skin. This skincare staple reduces the appearance of discoloration associated with sun damage, blemishes, and scarring, leaving you with a smooth, healthy-looking complexion.

What you can expect:
– Diminished appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and hyper-pigmentation
– Moisturized, hydrated, glowing skin
– Reduced appearance of pores
– Natural, organically derived anti-aging skincare

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates

What else you need to know:
This powerful, fast absorbing, fast penetration anti aging serum seals in long-lasting hydration with hyaluronic acid, which holds up to 1,000x its weight in water. Vegan and cruelty free.


The Secret to Glowing Skin, Shiny, Soft Hair and Beautiful Nails

Rich in vitamin E, natural fatty acids, and omega 6, Argan oil is a natural antioxidant.

Argan Oil is dry, non-greasy and easily absorbed. It doesn't clog your pores and can be directly applied to your face, skin, hair and cuticles. You can also add it to enhance your favorite beauty products.

Top 5 Argan oil uses:

Face Moisturizer: Twice a day, after cleansing your skin, massage a few drops directly into your face and neck, and experience glowing, vibrant, soft healthy skin.

Leave-in Hair Conditioner: While your hair is still wet after washing it, add a few drops of Argan oil to your hair (ends and scalp), especially if you use a blow dryer, straight-iron or curling iron on a regular basis. Your hair will be soft, manageable, and tangle-free.

Hair Styling Shine: Use as a styling product. Add a few drops of Argan oil to your hand, rub your hands together and run your fingers through your hair to create shine and tame frizz.

Overnight Hair Treatment: For damaged hair, massage a generous amount of Argan oil into your hair, wrap your hair and leave the oil in overnight. In the morning, wash your hair as usual.

Heel and Cuticle Softener: Don't suffer with painful cracked heels, and dry, peeling cuticles. Nourish your heels by massaging a generous amount of Argan oil, and then covering them up with socks overnight. For healthy cuticles, massage a few drops of Argan oil into your cuticles twice a day.

Don't get fooled by cheap, diluted Argan oil! BebeLush Argan oil is 100% pure & certified organic.


ChapStick Dual-Ended Hydration Lock Day and Night:
ChapStick 24 Hour Lip Care for Day and Night
    Day SPF 12 Skin Protectant and Sunscreen
    Night Replenish Overnight with Tamanu Oil, Natural Butters and Antioxidants
    2 Formulas in 1

ChapStick Dual-Ended Hydration Lock Moisturize and Renew:
ChapStick Advanced Anti-Aging Formulas
    Moisturize for Fuller, Smoother and Younger Looking Lips
    Renew and Revitalize Lips with Natural Butters
    2 Formulas in 1


SKINN Cosmetics Collagenesis Daily Defense SPF 30:
Protect your skin from harmful rays with Skinn Cosmetics' anti-aging, non-greasy, lightweight Collagenesis Daily Defense Sunscreen. Ideal for all skin types. A sunscreen that will leave your face protected from the elements while hydrating and smoothing the skin. Skinn's Collagenesis Daily Defense is an elegant, ultra-light and quickly absorbing sunscreen serum that provides SPF 30 and broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection from the sun's harmful rays. Formulated with an advanced encapsulated delivery system for immediate and long-term moisturization as well as a full array of vitamins A, C and E to provide ongoing antioxidant benefits. Contains Oat Beta-Glucan, a powerful naturally derived anti-aging ingredient that perfectly complements this sophisticated sun protection formula by helping to soothe the skin. Fragrance free and great for all skin types. Use it on your face, neck and décolleté for a non-greasy, long-lasting moisture and beneficial defense again UV rays. Made in USA


LiceLogic Clear & Free Lice Shampoo:
For eliminating and fending off lice, use clear and free shampoo peppermint from Licelogic. This is the perfect choice for your little ones. Licelogic was created by a mom on a mission and is made with natural ingredients and biodegradable materials for safe and easy use. Made in the United States. Licelogic was made with the safety of our child in mind.

LiceLogic Repel Conditioner:
Squeeze excess water from hair and apply generously. Massage into hair and scalp. Leave on hair for up to 5 minutes or longer. Rinse thoroughly.


Aveda Invati Exfoliating Shampoo:
Aveda possesses a blend of High Performance Plant Based Haircare. All Aveda Products Are Researched And Developed Under A Rigorous Set Of Environmental Sustainability Values . Aveda Products Are Widely Known For Their Use Of Pure Plant And Flower Essences.

Aveda Invati Thickening Conditioner:
Massage into wet hair and scalp after shampooing with invatiTM exfoliating shampoo. Rinse. Towel-dry. For best results, follow with invatiTM scalp revitalizer.

Aveda Invati Scalp Revitalizer spray:
Spray 8 times on each side of the head (16 total sprays), evenly covering the scalp, and massage in. May cause warming, tingling. Avoid eye area. Use twice daily.


Gleam By Melanie Mills Body Radiance:
A shade for every skin tone & every skin tone can wear all shades. You can choose for sheer coverage with a healthy glow finish or deepen the skin tone and create a natural sun kissed glow.


Eos Visibly Soft Lip Balm – Vanilla Mint:
Get noticed with visibly softer lips. eos Visibly Soft Lip Balm, enriched with natural conditioning oils, moisturizing shea butter and antioxidant vitamins C & E, nourishes for immediately softer, more beautiful lips. 99% natural.

Eos Visibly Soft Lip Balm – Coconut Milk:
Long-lasting moisture for immediately softer, more beautiful lips Shea butter & vitamins C & E Smoothes on clear and precisely glides on lips


Coastal Scents Makeup Brush Shampoo Cleanser:
Cleanse all traces of makeup and impurities from your brushes with this thorough shampoo cleanser. This gentle, lathering cleanser conditions the bristles and fibers, offering a soft finish. Maintaining clean brushes will prolong the life and performance, allowing you to achieve a flawless application with each use.


Joyal Beauty Hyaluronic Acid Serum-100% Pure!:
★ Joyal Beauty 100% Pure Vegan Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum is a high concentration of hyaluronic acid serum.
★ It is a 100% pure vegan hyaluronic acid without adding other ingredients.
★ Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring polysaccharide in the human body. It's present in large amounts in the spaces between skin cells, where it provides moisture, plumpness, firmness and suppleness to the skin. The amount of hyaluronic acid in skin diminishes with age.It is great to help restore the skin's hyaluronic acid content level and give grown-up skin a younger, fresher, more supple look, by simply using our hyaluronic acid serum.
★ Our unique small molecular weight vegan hyaluronic acid can penetrate deeply into the skin.
★ It is light, non-greasy, oil-free hydrating serum for all skin types. Especially suitable for those people who are extremely oily skin type and do not want any essential oils added into the serum.
★ It attracts water into the skin, reducing drying wrinkles and providing cell protection.
★ Our 100% vegan hyaluronic acid has NO benzylalcohol! It is REAL Pure. Beware of other brands' cheap "pure" hyaluronic acid serums at Amazon. If you have sensitive skin, you'd better avoid those serums which contain "Benzyl Alcohol", Benzylalcohol has side effect and usually cause itching,redness, numbness or pain on your skin!
★ Make sure you compare our premium high concentration 3% vegan hyaluronic acid with those cheap 1% animal-derived hyaluronic acid! Simple math: 3%HA is triple of 1%HA. Buy Joyal Beauty 1 oz of 3% HA=buy 3 oz of other brands' 1% HA! Our price is actually the lowest! Many other HA serums are only 1% HA so those sellers usually avoid disclosing their HA percentage to you!
You will love the difference! Your skin will tell you the truth!

Disclosure review

Evande Skincare Products


Evandé Beautifying Trio (3 in1)- a solution of everyday skin challenges-(Gentle Facial Cleanser & Make-up Remover-6.8oz,Oil-Free Face & Neck Moisturizer-6.8oz, Alcohol-Free Pore Minimizing Toner-6.8oz)

A complete solution for everyday skin challenges (like, oil-balancing, dryness, blackheads, pollution etc.) that will bring out your confidant, radiant, full of youth and healthy-looking complexion.

1)  Daily Facial Cleanser & Makeup Remover – 2 products in 1
        AHA rich fruit extracts cleansing

·      Cell-Renewing
·      Gentle & effective              
·      Soap-free
·      Pore by pore cleansing
·      Toning

2)   Alcohol-Free Pore Minimizing Toner
        Purifying blend of natural pore-minimizing anti-oxidant botanicals

·      Clarifying
·      Ph Balancing
·      Shine Controlling
·      Blackheads
·      No sting
·      Non drying

3)  Oil-Free Face and Neck Moisturizer
     Silk protein and vitamins complex

·      Brightening
·      Even skin Toning   
·      Long-lasting Hydration
·      Flawless softness
·      Youth Boosting
·      Non Irritating

sept 2013 009I have found my new skin care trio. I wash my face every day with the Evande Cleanser and I like how it cuts through my face oils and just everyday dirt. After my face is dry I like to spray on the Evande Pore Minimizing Toner. My pores on my face are getting less noticeable. The toner spray doesn't dry out my face and feels very soothing on my skin. Before bed I like to use the Moisturizer on my face and neck, to help keep my skin looking healthy and youthful. Overall I like the Evande skincare trio for my skin and for how they look in my bathroom lol I am seeing my faces sun or age spots getting fewer and the ones I do have are getting lighter overtime while I use the Evande skin products. You can see just how my skin is looking by the below picture of myself.

~ You can connect with Evande on Facebook and Twitter ~

march2014 042Ghost laying on my chest like most days, While I am blogging

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Guest: Cottage in the Woods Natural Bath Products Giveaway 1/24 Daily

Welcome to the Cottage in the Woods Co Natural Bath Products Giveaway!

Sponsored by: Cottage in the Woods Co

Hosted by: Savory Savings & Gloriously Green Gal

Taking a nice hot bubble bath is one of the best ways to relax after a long day or week.  But who wants to soak in a tub full of harsh chemicals that are tough on your skin and may have other ill-effects down the road from absorption?  Krista from both Savory Savings and Gloriously Green Gal is a big fan of baths, but worried what her bath products had in store for herself and her kids, but when she got a chance to review Cottage in the Woods Co’s all-natural bath products, she knew she had found a win!  These luxurious and affordable products made by the husband and wife duo behind Cottage in the Woods Co are available in custom scents and use all-natural ingredients.  They even have cold and flu bath bombs that help clear congestion so you can rest easier while sick!

Cottage in the Woods Co has offered to sponsor a giveaway to one very lucky winner that lives in the lower 48 (and DC) of the United States that is aged 18 or older.  This winner will receive one all-natural body wash in the scent of his/her choice, one pack of all-natural bath fizzies in the scent of his/her choice (this includes the cold and flu ones if you wanted!) and one all-natural shampoo bar!  To enter, use the Giveaway Tool below.   If you have won a Cottage in the Woods giveaway anytime from another blog or in the last 12 months, you are not eligible to win this giveaway.  The giveaway will run from January 10, 2013 through January 24, 2014 at 11 PM CST.  Entries will be verified.  Winner will be notified via email (consider adding [email protected] to your safe list) – winner will have 48 hours to respond and claim prize or another winner will be selected.

Good Luck, SaraLee's Deals Steals & Giveaways readers! Thanks for entering!

Guest Disclosure

Krista from Gloriously Green Gal and Savory Savings received products from this sponsor to facilitate her review, no other compensation was received. All participating blogs are not responsible for prize fulfillment.  This giveaway is in no way associated with social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Skinnaturals Three-Piece Collection by Skinn Cosmetics

Skinnaturals Skinnaturals by Skinn Cosmetics is a  three-part collection that will return your skin to its pure state as you wave goodbye to irritation, redness and wrinkles. Skinnaturals is paraben free, sulfate free, gluten free, Sans synthetic dyes, petrochemicals oand genetically modified organisms.

SkinnaturalsI liked using the Skinnatural Calming Cleanser to wash my face at night to wash away the stress of my day. The gentle formula is natural, sulfate-free, detergent-free, mild and creamy cleanser that is filled with botanical extracts and pre-probiotics to help calm and soothe sensitive skin. I like how my face feels clean after using this cleanser.

The Skinnatural Soothing Serum is a highly concentrated solution that provides immediate relief of angry redness and irritation. The formula is filled with glycolipids, Botanisoothe™, licorice root extract and white tea extract reveals the following benefits: reduced inflammation and wrinkles, a reestablished skin barrier and a nourished surface. I use the serum a few times a month to help with my skin irritations.

Skinnatural Comforting Crème is amazingly powerful yet a gentle natural moisturizer with Botanisoothe™ that acts immediately to help sooth and reduce irritation while offering long-term benefits. I use the comforting creme for my sunspots and red irritation. The creme helps reduce and calms my skin problems. I love using the Skinnatural 3 step system.


You can connect with Skinn Cosmetics on Facebook & Twitter


Guest: Unique Natural Cleaner Giveaway 12/20 Daily US

Welcome to the Unique Natural Giveaway!!

Hosted By: Sweet Southern Lovin
Sponsored By: Unique Natural Products

Organic waste removal is one of the biggest problems on Earth. Unique Manufacturing & Marketing provides natural, organic, cost efficient, effective bacteria cleaning, septic system, and drain products that speed up the process of biodegrading. Their specially formulated Stain Eater can be used safely and successfully to remove stains such as smoke, mold and water stains. The septic products remove odors and clogs in any septic system or holding tanks. The Grime Eater is an ultra concentrate that removes grease, rust, and oil. Backed by 100% satisfaction guarantee, they help eliminate chemical cleaners, and are safe for humans, animals, and will not damage any surface that is water safe. Sweet Southern Lovin had the opportunity to review their Unique Complete Odor and Stain Eater . We tried it out on gum that was stuck into the carpet and could you believe, after a few scrubs it was gone!!

I want to say a special thanks to a special group of bloggers who are helping me promote this giveaway.

Giveaway Details:

December 6th to December 20th

Prize: One lucky viewer will win Pet Odor Eliminator Ready to Use 24oz, Super Digest It Qt, Carpet Shampoo Qt, Unique Complete Qt, and a Wine Stain 4oz RV $58.20!!

Open to US Only, Ages 18+

By entering using the entry form below you are agreeing to the terms listed on the form. Winner will receive email from [email protected] and you will have 48 hours to respond to winning email or a new winner will be chosen.

Good Luck, SaraLee's Deals Steals & Giveaways readers! Thanks for entering!

This giveaway has ended.
Entries: 4107
This is a Guest Giveaway and I am only helping to promote the giveaway. If you have a question or problem with the giveaway please contact the site that is running the giveaway, Thanks.

Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Intensive Skin Brightener

Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Intensive Skin Brightener The key to a flawless complexion begins with even skin tone which I had in my twenties. But years in the sun coupled with aging and other factors can produce unwanted dark areas on our skin and I have a few. Dark spots, age spots, liver spots, brown spots, black spots – no matter what you call them, no one wants them, especially me. Fortunately, Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Intensive Skin Brightener offers an effective, natural solution to diminishing dark spots quickly and safely.

Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Intensive Skin BrightenerAs much as I don't like seeing them, I have to admit I have a few sun spots or dark spots on my face. The spots just started popping up over the last two years and I have to embrace that the spots come with age but I am always looking for a way to get rid of them. I started using the Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Intensive Skin Brightener a few times a week and I started to see a change in the way my skin looked. My spots are getting lighter and I even took a few pictures without make up on with my husband as I felt that my skin was looking better. I plan to keep on using the Ageless Derma as I can see it working and my skin improving. I like that Ageless Derma anti-aging intensive skin brightener is formulated with scientifically proven ingredients that offers natural, safe ingredients with clinically proven results.

You can connect with Ageless Derma on Facebook & Twitter

Hubby & IDisclaimer: I got the Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Intensive Skin Brightener free to do this product Review  and was not paid for my response.

Patchuli Rosewood 100% Natural Deodorant

Patchuli Rosewood 100% Natural DeodorantDeodorant is one of the beauty products we use on a daily basis, and in the same place (armpit). So thinking about our health, now and in the future, it is important to choose the right deodorant, i.e. the kind that does not clog the pores; neither prevents the process of sweating, and yet leaves you with a wonderful Scent and a fresh feeling all day long. Yes. There is such a deodorant!
In "Lavender‘s" natural deodorants, you can find a healthy and effective deodorants coming in a variety of delicate fragrances extracted from pure essential oils.Natural Deodorant.

Patchuli Rosewood 100% Natural DeodorantLavender‘s deodorant consists of excellent oils for the skin including Shea butter, almond oil and coconut butter that nourish and balance the skin. In addition, it contains sodium bicarbonate and essential oils that are active ingredients that prevent sweat smell for hours. The scents in Lavender‘s natural deodorant are only pure essential oils blends. Therefore, for each person there is another scent that is most effective and suitable for him/ her.

Deodorant Patchouli – Rosewood contains:
Patchouli – antiseptic, sensual and effective for calming skin irritations.
Rosewood – antiseptic, sensual and relaxing.
Geranium – antiseptic, effective for sensitive skin and shrinks tissues.
Lavender – antiseptic, soothing and kills bacteria.

* Since that we are aware of peoples‘ great sensitivity to odors, we also produce a deodorant without a scent at all. It is especially suitable to breastfeeding mothers, and cancer patients who go through chemotherapy treatment.

Lavender‘s deodorantWith having break outs due to most deodorants on the market, I have gone to using the ones that are made with all natural ingredients. I like how the Patchuli Rosewood Deodorant looks like regular deodorants and can be rolled on. The deodorant smells really pleasant and rolls on smooth. I got great protection from under arm odor and my skin feels great. My clothes didn't get any deodorant marks on them from the Patchuli Rosewood Deodorant which is a great plus. I give the Lavender‘s Patchuli Rosewood 100% Natural Deodorant two arms up.

You can connect with Lavender-cosmetic on Facebook

Disclaimer: I got the Deodorant free to do this product review and was not paid for my response.

Wholly Hemp: Natural Bar Soap

Hemp Bar Soap

Made in small batches with only the finest natural ingredients, Wholly Hemp will hydrate and soothe even the most sensitive skin. Hemp seed oil provides deep and long-lasting hydration for your skin while reducing redness, irritation, and inflammation.

Wholly Hemp natural skin care has been specifically formulated for its long lasting emollient and rejuvenating properties, and you can rest assured knowing your skin is taken care of with only unrefined plant extracts infused with the highest grade of natural essential oils.

Hemp has a higher concentration of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) than any other plant, contains all 20 vital amino acids, and is rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D, E. With a 3:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 EFAs (which is the perfect match to human skin), hemp seed oil quickly and easily soaks deep into skin providing hydration from the inside out and reducing skin redness, inflammation, & irritation. Hemp has been found to be very effective for those with sensitive skin and other dermatological issues such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis.

3 soaps packagingI have said it before and I will say it again that I am a soap snob. I will never settle for a cheap bar of soap again. I LOVE natural made soaps. Wholly Hemp  sent me three bars to try and I love how the are packed in paper. The first soap I tried was the Sweet Orange. The smell was light and fruity. I used the Wholly Hemp Sweet Orange soap in my shower daily and I am pleased with how my skin feels after I get out of the shower. My husband even likes using the soap after a long day of working and sweating. It's been a little over two weeks and we still have half a bar left so the soap does go a long way. I can't wait to try the next scent when this bar is gone.

~ Made in the USA ~

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Noxicare Natural Pain Relief Pills Review

Noxicare pills

Maintaining your energy level can help you feel your best. Along with other B vitamins, Vitamin B-12 is vital for energy production.  Vitamin B-12 is also important for red blood cell formation, proper nervous system function and for maintaining a healthy homocysteine level, which is important for cardiovascular health. A 500 mcg Vitamin B-12 supplement provides extra insurance that your B-12 needs are met.


  • Helps convert food into energy
  • Essential for red blood cell formation
  • Helps maintain nervous system health
  • Helps maintain a healthy homocysteine level, important for cardiovascular health

SUGGESTED USE: As a dietary supplement, adults take two (2) tablets daily at mealtime, or as directed by a health care professional. Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct light. Keep out of reach of children.

Other Ingredients: Dicalcium phosphate, cellulose vegetable stearin, cellulose gum, silica, magnesium stearate, modified cellulose, and vanilla powder. Contains Soy.

Noxicare pillsMy husband & I love using Noxicare products and over the past few years we have used the creams and now we are using the Noxicare pills. The pills are easy to swallow and don't leave a nasty after taste. I am a huge fan of taking all natural products and Noxicare is a brand I can trust for this. If your looking for a product to help with pain that is safe and natural to use I would recommend using Noxicare.

NoxicareYou can find more info:


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.