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August Pet Product Roundup 2018

I get products sent to me daily to try out. I unfortunately don’t have time to do a post for each item that I get to review. So I want to make sure these items get seen and learned about. The only other solution I could see to do is to do a Pet Product Roundup 2018 on the products I like and want my readers to know about. I hope you enjoy these as much as I and my other reviewers did.

NNX Portable Camping Water Basin is double-layer structure design, more solid, the tub will not collapse, not easy to damage more durable.
Unique Pocket Design: two pockets for some small items, such as towel, pet shampoo, brush, one for dry, one for wet.
Easy to carry and store: small size when fold, easy to store and carry, when indoor, outdoor or travelling, ideal for camping and hiking.
Used for Cats and little pets bathing, swimming, or water container for washing.
Easy to cleaning and quick dry.

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Some of the benefits for you and your dog include:
* Comfortable modern ergonomic design
* Upgraded secure locking mechanism & strong nylon leash prevents your dog from running off
* Lightweight, study and durable
* Upgraded retractable brake and lock system allows for instant retraction of the leash (and your dog) whenever required.

SIZES: For dogs up to 110 pounds: The leash is FULLY RETRACTABLE and controlled by a powerful inner spring mechanism.
This 16-foot tangle free leash length gives ample space for you and your dog to enjoy when out walking in public.

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~Made of high quality nylon fabric to ensure safety, features the solid zinc alloy swivel snap and metal buckles guarantee extra durability
~The Seat Belts are equipped with adjustable strap and superior buckle, they will not loosen over time. The length of the dog car seat belt with simple pull can be adjusted within a range from 20.5 to 33 inch, and not easy to break off. Your dog will be secure in the backseat while giving him/her room to move around and stay comfortable.
~The tab on the seat belt clip is 0.83 inch in width, which is compatible with most vehicles. And please make sure to check your buckle’s size and compatibility before order.

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The first ever portable lunch box for your pet, this multi-compartment pet food system is useful at home or on the road. The unique design allows you to travel with full bowls of food and water without risk of spills.

In addition to the bowls, containers, extra leash, and collar, this pet travel feeding station has the following features:
– Slots in the lid that you can use to store standard-sized cans of wet food
– Enough room under the bowls for an icepack – convenient for dogs who eat raw food
– A slotted compartment to store and dispense poop bags
– Removable top for use as a home feeder
– 2 sturdy latches to keep the lunchbox securely closed
– Food and water bowls are dishwasher safe
– Durable construction with rubber edges to protect corners from dings, and a non-skid bottom

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January’s Pet Product Roundup 2018

I get products sent to me daily to try out. I unfortunately don’t have time to do a post for each item that I get to review. So I want to make sure these items get seen and learned about. The only other solution I could see to do is to do a January’s Pet Product Roundup 2018 on the products I like and want my readers to know about. I hope you enjoy these as much as I and my other reviewers did.

The CLAWGUARD Heavy Duty is our STRONGEST door protection shield ever! 2x stronger than the original Clawguard, our most popular door scratch shield. Protect door and door frame from scratches by pets. The CLAWGUARD – the Ultimate Door Scratch Shield offers a simple solution to a costly problem – reliable protection against claw damage caused by pets. Extensive coverage shields targeted areas on door, door frame and wall The easy-to-install CLAWGUARD is transparent in color to match any décor. PET SAFETY: Doors and door frames that splinter can cause serious injury and irritation to pet’s paws. The CLAWGUARD is the sure way to protect pets from splinter injuries while maintaining the integrity of your household doors. HOME PROTECTION: Replacing and repairing household doors damaged by pets can be very expensive. The CLAWGUARD protects against doors that splinter, sheds paint or displays unsightly scratch marks. Engineered to shield both door and frame AND provides optional inside or outside door protection. MADE IN USA.

CLAWGUARD TAPE was designed with our neighbor’s cat in mind. Each night, Felix the cat would meticulously scratch the weather stripping at the front door. After replacing the strip several times, our neighbors needed a solution. We conducted several test trials on weather stripping, window sills, furniture, glass and more. Our tested solution is CLAWGUARD TAPE. Use as directed.

Product Features
Keeps long ears out of the bowl
Reduces improper eating patterns
Reduces staining of dogs ears by food
Anti slip bottom

Product Description

BUSTER IncrediBowl is an ideal solution for the long-eared dog fed with tinned food, the shape of the bowl keeps a dog´s long ears outside the bowl during eating. Your dog´s ears will not be stained by liquid food that may leave a lingering bad smell behind. BUSTER IncrediBowl has a conical-shaped design that ensures a dog will not bolt its food, this is because they have to pick food from the inner corners. This improves your dog´s health by reducing common maladies related to improper eating patterns. The soft material incorporates durable floor stabilizers that greatly inhibit movement while your dog eats.

Product Features
Lots of mental challenges
Keeps your pet occupied for long periods of time
No clattering on the floor
Suitable for wooden and laminate floors

Product Description:
Focusing on playing without making noise, KRUUSE developed the popular BUSTER Cube, so a softer version. No clattering on the floor – but lots of mental challenges to keep your dog occupied for a long time. Contains no softeners. Get out the treats and let the games begin! Particularly suitable for use on wooden or laminate flooring.

Never lose a ball again! Find it fast, get back to play time quickly, with the Chuckit! Locator Sound Ball. The ball emits an audible pulse sound every few seconds to help both pet parents and dogs locate the ball in any terrain after launch. Great for day and night play, this launcher compatible ball is the perfect toy for fetch fanatics.

The AKC Calming Coat is an Anti-Anxiety and Stress relief coat for dogs. Designed to apply constant pressure on a dog’s torso, similar to a parent swaddling a child, this pressure applying methodology provides a calming effect for most dogs. The AKC Calming Coat can be worn in any situation and provides comfort to your pet.

earthbath Tushy Wipes For Your Pet Giveaway 2016

Pet Wipes

Welcome to the earthbath Tushy Wipes For Your Pet Giveaway

Sponsored by: earthbath

earthbath started by developing an entirely new towelette. Thicker, stronger and with a slight texture (think Cottonelle) these towelettes are designed to be effective at removing cling ons and messes in the fur. Each towelette contains a mild, fragrance-free cleansing solution, odor neutralizers and soothing botanicals.

The towelettes are infused with organically certified saccharomyces ferment filtrate, which safely and effectively neutralizes odors using fermentation technology. It contains enzymes that provide for the bioconversion of a wide range of smelly substances. There is also baking soda to further enhance the odor neutralizing power and soothing aloe vera, vitamin E and chamomile. And as with all earthbath products they are blended without parabens, sulfates or artificial colors.

“Groomers will find these wipes particularly effective for use in the expression of anal glands,” added Armstrong. “They make easy work of a messy job and are extremely effective at neutralizing odors.”  He added with a chuckle,  “The lowdown for pet parents is that there will be no more booty dragging at home.”

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Now for the giveaway: One lucky person will win a tube earthbath Tushy Wipes. This is open to US and ends 11/20/16 @ 11:59 pm est. To enter, Simply do the tasks on the Giveaway Tools widget below and you’re set to have a chance to win! Remember you can’t win if you don’t enter. It only takes one entry to win!.


July’s Pet Product Roundup 2016

I get products sent to me daily to try out. I unfortunately don’t have time to do a post for each item that I get to review. So I want to make sure these items get seen and learned about. The only other solution I could see to do is to do a Pet Product Roundup on the products I like and want my readers to know about. I hope you enjoy these as much as I and my other reviewers did.

Dingo Brand Dental Sticks, Rawhide Chews with Chicken, 72 pack Dingo Dental Sticks reduce harmful plaque and tartar buildup while providing your dog with a delicious, savory treat with real chicken in the middle.

•Provides tartar control & reduces harmful plaque buildup while delivering a great taste •Treat with Real chicken in the middle •Delicious, savory pet treat with real chicken in the middle •Great dog treats that dogs love, a healthy dog snack that is great for teeth •Easy to chew and fully digestible •Package comes with 72 Treats that your dog will love •Baking soda, and parsley seed remove harmful buildup from your dog’s teeth for a healthy smile and fresh breath. •They’re perfect for older dogs and puppies who still love to chew but can’t handle tougher treats. •Ingredients: Rawhide, Chicken, Water, Corn Sugar, Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Salt, Parsley Seed Oil, Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, Potassium Sorbate (preservative).

Anti Itch Oatmeal Spray for Dogs and CatsOur great smelling all natural plant based anti-itch pet spray provides soothing relief and is gentle enough for sensitive skinned pets. Our formula is vitamin enriched, alcohol free and contains deodorizing baking soda to neutralize pet smell and treat dandruff and pet dander. Apply liberally focusing on the dry and matted areas to provide immediate relief. Brushing your pet after application will restore luster, shine and softness. Apply spray in between baths freshen and soothe your pet. Allow solution to dry on coat. For best results, bathe your pet using our Buddha Dog Shampoo and Bath Brush. We are a small family owned business committed to your full satisfaction. We are committed to the planet as much as we are you and your pet’s happiness. Our shampoo and packaging are made using the most socially responsible and Eco-friendly methods available right here in the USA.

Eyenimal PFABOSPR038 Deluxe Spray No Bark Collar, BlackDeluxe Spray No Bark Collar has a built in microphone to detect barking. Each bark triggers a mist of spray. There are three all natural essential oil scents that are available for purchase, citronella, lavender, natural. This collar also comes in two colors, white or black.

EYENIMAL Intelligent Pet Bowl; Electronic Scale with Built in Pet Water/Food Removable Stainless Steel Bowl The EYENIMAL Intelligent Pet Bowl is the first pet bowl in the world with integrated scales which allows you to control the amount of food and water you give your dog or cat! Today, many pets suffer from obesity, which could reduce their lifetime. The EYENIMAL Intelligent Pet Water/Food Bowl is a revolutionary product which combines a pet bowl with an electronic scale. Pour food or water directly in your pet’s bowl and immediately adjust the amount of food or water your pet receives.

EYENIMAL Intelligent Pet Bowl Features:
Suitable for cats and dogs
Safe for use with food or water
Easy and quick programming with LCD screen
Weight indication to within 1 gram
Graduations in g, ml (liquids), lbs, oz, fl oz
Easy maintenance
Material: stainless steel container
2 Sizes of bowls: 1 Liter (approximately 450 grams of dry food) 1.8 Liter (approximately 800 grams of dry food)

Power: requires 3 AAA Batteries Batteries NOT included

Pet Magasin Rawhide Treats for Dogs from Natural US Beef Hides These 100% natural rawhide chews are made from the hides of US beef cattle raised in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Nebraska. Hides from non-US sources may be subject to poor regulation on additives and other issues, so it’s no wonder that veterinarians recommend US-raised hides 9:1 over imported hides. Our hides are treated with a patented process that removes all bacteria without introducing any preservatives or other artificial chemicals. This process leaves the meaty flavor and natural toughness of rawhide intact, so your dog will get plenty of long-lasting chewing pleasure from each “bone.” These chews are made from the best parts of each hide, further ensuring the quality of this treat.

Milk-Bone Dog Treats Milk-Bone Original Dog Treats:
Milk-Bone Original Biscuits are crunchy dog snacks that are wholesome and delicious. Prepared with care by the makers of Milk-Bone dog snacks, these tasty treats will give your dog the simple, genuine joy that your dog gives you every day.

Milk-Bone Good Morning Daily Vitamin Dog Treats:
Milk-Bone good morning daily vitamin treats are specially formulated dog snacks that provide beneficial nutrients not found in most dog foods—nutrients that help promote your dog’s well-being and longevity. With the healthy aging blend you can start your aging dog’s day off with a tasty new way to help support his immune system (beta-carotene), brain health (DHA), digestion (fiber), and metabolism. And with real chicken as the no.1 Ingredient, milk-bone good morning daily vitamin treats have a delicious flavor your dog is sure to love. Try the new healthy dog snack that tastes like a treat and works like a vitamin*!*each formulation has a unique blend of nutrients to help support specific functions and is not 100% complete and balanced.

Milk-Bone Brushing Chews Dog Treats:
Milk-Bone Brushing Chews help provide an easy and effective way to take care of your dog’s teeth. These daily dental treats are clinically proven to reduce tartar and plaque build-up, as well as fight bad breath. The revolutionary dental twist bone is designed to help clean even hard to reach back teeth and down to the gum-line. Dogs love the irresistible chicken taste of Milk-Bone Brushing Chews, and you’ll love giving them a daily dental treat that’s fortified with 12 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium for strong bones and teeth.

Freshpet Dog & Cat FoodFreshpet is an American manufacturer of refrigerated food and treats for dogs and cats using natural ingredients, and are the first in the fresh and refrigerated category to be distributed across North America. Find Freshpet Near You today. Your dog or cat will thank you. Mine love this food and can’t wait for food time now.

Freshpet Select
Wholesome and balanced recipes. Great for pet parents looking for all-natural, fresh and delicious meals.

Nature’s Fresh
A fresh approach to holistic nutrition. Thoughtfully prepared, made of carefully selected and locally sourced ingredients that are GAP certified.

Inspired by nature, with a variety of unique proteins, grain-free options and ready to serve raw recipes.

Fresh Baked Recipes
Crunchy recipes made with 100% fresh chicken or turkey plus antioxidant-rich superfoods.

Treats for Dogs
Dog Joy and Dognation meat treats and chews are fresh and delicious snacks you can feel good about giving your pooch.

Vital Whole Blends address your dog’s specific needs, with vitamins from real ingredients and supplements where necessary for a nutritional boost.

Freshpet Dog & Cat Food

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July’s Pet Product Roundup 2015

I get products sent to me daily to try out. I unfortunately don't have time to do a post for each item that I get to review. So I want to make sure these items get seen and learned about. The only other solution I could see to do is to do a Pet Product Roundup post on the products I like and want my readers to know about. I hope you enjoy these as much as I and my other reviewers did.


Pets+ Dog Training Whistle
Discipline and teach your dog to follow simple commands as well as control barking by using different whistle patterns. Universal whistle can be used to train other animals to establish communication. Your dog will begin to learn to perform the actions by recognizing the whistle pattern.

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February Pet Product Roundup 2015

I get products sent to me daily to try out. I unfortunately don't have time to do a post for each item that I get to review. So I want to make sure these items get seen and learned about. The only other solution I could see to do is to do a pet product roundup posts on the products I like and want my readers to know about.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I and my other reviewers did.

DSCN09662 lbs box of The Honest Kitchen Force for dogs:
Force all natural grain-free dog food is AAFCO complete and balanced for adult dogs, made with dehydrated free-range, sustainable raised chicken, vegetables, fruits and love. Force is a natural dog food recipe crafted with some of the tastiest human grade ingredients we could get our paws on. It's moderate in protein and fat so it's perfect for adult maintenance, senior dogs and dogs who need a little help with weight loss. Force is a grain-free dog food so it's ideal for dogs who have food allergies or sensitivities to grains and gluten.


The Honest Kitchen Perfect Form:
For dogs and cats The Honest Kitchen Perfect Form is recommended to support proper digestion and intestinal health of cats and dogs. The herbs in this supplement are recognized for their power to soothe and protect the GI Tract. Perfect Form combats gas, facilitates regularity, firms up loose stools, soothes and protects the GI Tract. Perfect Form dog and cat digestive supplement is ideal for dogs and cats with Irritable Bowel, IBD, Colitis or occasional digestive upset. Ingredients Papaya leaf, plantain, slippery elm, organic pumpkin seed, pectin, papain and fennel Guaranteed analysis Protein, 18.30% Fat, 3.40% Fiber, 16.12% Moisture, and more.


The Honest Kitchen Nuzzles:
Nuzzles are natural, human-grade dog treats that cater to pooches who demand only the best, artisan biscuits as an expression of your love. Nuzzles are made with duck and cherries for a luxurious, rich and irresistible flavor. Nuzzles are a larger, heart-shaped cookies and contains only 2.3 calories per nuzzle. They're low calorie dog treats, that don't skimp on flavor. Ingredients are 100 percent human grade barley flour, USDA duck, molasses, filtered water, eggs, organic virgin coconut oil, cherries, aged parmesan cheese.

The Honest Kitchen Smittens:
Smittens are made from pure, wild, line-caught Haddock from the pristine waters off the coast of Iceland. They're high-protein, low-fat and low-carb with just 1.1 calorie per treat. Smittens are delicious and perfectly aromatic, with a texture cats love – not too hard with just the right amount of crunch!


OmegaPet: Oatmeal Dog Shampoo For Dry Itchy Skin
All Natural, Oatmeal Dog Shampoo Heals and Moisturizes Dry & Itchy Skin
• Quickly Reduces Itchiness & Dry Skin
• Patent Protected Formula
• Softer and Shinier Coat in Minutes
• All Natural ingredients mean no adverse reactions
• Proudly Made in the USA

What will it do for your pets?
• Softer Skin
• Shinier Coat
• Reduce Scratching
• Safe & Gentle
• Combat Skin Irritation

Duke and Miss B both liked their bath with the shampoo. Both of my dogs coats look great and there is less scratching going on.


CLD Brands: Dog Pet Cat Deluxe Grooming Brush
• High quality, deluxe dog brush
• Made of durable wood and metal
• Brush is 7" x 4" at its widest
• Handle is contoured in the middle for a better grip
• Metal bristles are 7/8

Duke loves getting brushed. This brush helps getting the loose fur out of his coat.


Earthbath All Natural Puppy Shampoo:
Tearless and Extra Gentle, this exceptional shampoo is pH-balanced to give puppies the tender loving care their sensitive skin and coat deserve. Blended with a dash of baby-fresh cherry essence, this luxurious shampoo will leave your precious puppy looking and smelling better than ever before.

Earthbath Puppy Pet Grooming Wipes 28 ct:
Use Earthbath Especially for Puppies Grooming Wipes to safely and easily wipe away dirt and odor between baths. Extra mild and pH balanced for young pups, these wipes allow you to handily clean puppies' dirty paws and undercoat. Dirty bottoms too! Remove dander, drool, discharge and cling-ons from playing in the unknown. Mild cleansers freshen and deodorize while the wild cherry essence leaves a heavenly scent. Hawaiian Awapuhi extract conditions coat and imparts a show quality shine. Aloe Vera and Vitamin E moisturize coat and skin. Features: · All natural ingredients · pH balanced · Soap free · Thick, moist wipes · Moisturizing · Gives coat shine · Does not contain alcohol or lanolin ·

Earthbath Totally Natural Deodorizing Spritz for Puppies:
Deodorizing spritz with skin & coat conditioners eliminates pet odors between baths, re-moisturizes skin & coat, and imparts a healthy shine and supple softness without leaving a residue.Spritzes are compatible for use with topical flea applicationsContains no phosphates, enzymes, synthetic dyes, or anything else to harm you, your pet or the environmentAnimal cruelty free


American Kennel Club Calm Anti-Anxiety and Stress Relief Coat for Dogs:
Dog anxiety is a surprisingly common problem and includes issues like fear of thunder, fireworks, separation, travel, crating, problem barking and much more. Millions of dogs in the United States suffer from anxiety severe enough that their owners are seeking help. Similar to swaddling a newborn baby, gently wrapping a dog in a Calm Coat has a peaceful effect that is beneficial for both you and your dog. Our patent pending design gently hugs your dog, much like hugging a child.

Duke wears his coat during thunder storms and when there is fireworks. We can see his stress level is lower when he is wearing the coat.

Twigo: Pet Id Tag
Make your own Pet ID Tag! Lightweight, Attaches Easily, Durable and Weatherproof!

DSCN0484BarkLogic Natural Ear Wash:
BarkLogic Natural Pet Ear Wash is formulated to be an effective, yet gentle, ear cleansing solution for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Formulated using nature's powerful ingredients, BarkLogic Natural Ear Wash is soothing, non-drying, non-irritating. Helps eliminate ear crust, debris, odor, and itching. BarkLogic Natural Ear Wash contains ingredients known to have antimicrobial and disinfecting properties that combat bacteria, fungus, and mites. For External Use Only.

BarkLogic Natural Daily Odor Eliminating Spray:
BarkLogic Natural Daily Odor Eliminating Spray is a unique and natural 100% plant and mineral based blend that is formulated to safely neutralize, break down, and eliminate strong odors on pets and surfaces. BarkLogic Natural Daily Odor Eliminating Spray is a non-toxic gentle approach to odor control both on your pet and off. Safe for daily use.

BarkLogic Natural All Purpose Kennel & Coat Spray:
Pesticide free with no animal ingredients or harsh chemicals, BarkLogic Natural All Purpose Kennel & Coat Spray will provide gentle and safe odor control while refreshing surfaces as needed. It is infused with essential oils that are known to banish and repel fleas, ticks, black flies, gnats, mosquitos, and other bugs. BarkLogic Natural Kennel & Coat Spray is safe for daily use, fume free.

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Boshel tm bicycle hands free dog leash #boshelbicyclehandsfreedogleash


Introducing the Safe, Simple Way to Enjoy Cycling While Walking Your DogWhy take time out of your busy schedule to bike and to take your pooch on a walk when you can do both at once?

The Boshel Hands Free Dog Bike Leash makes it possible for both of you to get the exercise that you need to lead healthy lives from activities that you both enjoy.here's how
• The Boshel Hands Free Dog Bike Leash is a revolutionary dog leash that attaches to nearly all bicycle models and locks securely in place.
• Attaches to your bicycle's frame and is ready to head outdoors to exercise In just 5 minutes.
• you can use the included hardware to install the bike leash onto your bicycle
• At a weight of just 16 ounces, the dog bike leash won't weigh you down or make it difficult for you to pedal, even on challenging off-road terrains.
• It will keep your hands completely free, so that you can steer, signal and brake as usual
• . The leash measures 14 inches in length, giving dogs a perfect amount of lead to maintain a comfortable pace during every stroll,.With the Boshel Hands Free Dog Bike Leash, it's easy to ensure that your dog stays safe while you're out for your walk and ride.
• The leash design keeps your dog close by your side but at a safe distance to avoid injury.
• If you should suffer an accident while on your ride, the leash will stay securely attached to the bike, so your dog doesn't stray.
• When you're heading out for a solo ride or stop off at the dog park for some play, you can detach the dog leash in a single second and use it as a traditional hand-held leash design.
• There is no special training required. If your dog can use an ordinary dog leash, he or she can use the Boshel Hands Free Dog Bike Leash! just click add to cart and Order yours today.


Now this is a product we can use for our dogs. My husband had the Boshel tm bicycle hands free dog leash installed on the bike in a mater of a minute. The hands free leash was very easy to attach the bicycle. Duke took right to the leash on the bike without any problems and he had never used one before. The hands free leash goes on and comes off with ease and can be put on any bicycle that is being used. Now our dog can go for a walk when my son or husband goes for a bike ride up to the gas station or store. My family can't wait for summer to hit so we can use this. Right now we are snowed in with over two foot of snow so no bike riding here.

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Omega 3 Unscented Salmon Fish Oil for Dogs and Cats #barkerlabs

230b4d31d9f7e123fb827828b50a8433e2e3ceb8_1Give Your Pet The Coat Other Pet Owners Will Talk About.
Promotes a Soft, Silky Coat. Salmon Oil Helps Ease Dry Itchy Skin. Salmon Oil Fatty Acids also Supports Eye, Brain, Joint and Heart Health in Your Pet. High Levels of EPA and DHA Contribute to Naturally Healthy Joints.


Quality You Can Count On!
* Only the Best Human Grade Natural Long Chain Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids from Salmon Sustainably Harvested in the Icy Cold Waters of Norway.
* Omega Fatty Acids Found in Pure Salmon Oil are a Naturally Occurring Anti-Inflammatory and Can Promote Healthy Joints.
* No Rosemary Oil – Most fish oils use Rosemary Oil Extract as a preservative. Rosemary Oil Extract can upset the stomach of some dogs and cats.
* NO FISHY SMELL – Our manufacturing process removes the FISHY SMELL and achieves the highest level of purity.
* No Fishy smell however doesn't mean no taste. We're so sure – If Your Dog or Cat Doesn't Love the Taste Send it Back for a Full Purchase Price Refund!
* Recyclable Aluminum Bottles Keeps Our Oil Fresher. There are two things that reduce the benefits of Salmon Oil: Air and Light. We use a FDA approved human food grade Aluminum Bottle to package our Salmon Oil.


With 2 dogs and 4 cats it can be hard to keep up with each of their skin needs. Over this past summer our dog Duke who is 15 and one of our cats had a bad dry skin issue. They both would scratch themselves until they had bald spots. We didn't have fleas or mites and after getting them checked out at the vet the only thing that came up was dry skin. I was told to use a lubricant for my pets to help with their skin issue. After looking into their food we fed them I was given the chance to try Omega 3 Unscented Salmon Fish Oil for Dogs and Cats. I was excited to try this out to see if this would help. Well so far it seems to have stopped the dry skin issue and there are no more scratching pets. I put about 3 squirts in the cats big food bowl a day and they love it. I also do the same in the dog food bowl and they seems to like it too. Now when we feed the dogs they will look at us until we put the Omega 3 Unscented Salmon Fish Oil for Dogs and Cats on their food. We are pleased that it helped our dry skin issue and I can see that the cats have softer fur and the dogs coats look very shiny and healthy. I would recommenced trying this first before changing the pets food or putting a pet on meds. I like to try to find a healthy more natural solution for my pets.

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Epica Reversible De-Matting Comb with Safety Blades for Dogs and Cats #Dematting


Epica Reversible De-Matting Comb is ideal for all breeds with long, medium, wiry or curly hair.

Extra-Long Blades with Safety Edges
No more painful pulling, sawing or even possibly scratching your pet's skin. The smooth, curved edge slips safely next to his body while the serrated edge slices effortlessly through thick tangles and mats. Your grooming sessions go faster and he's much happier!

Blades Reverse for Right and Left Hands
If you're left-handed, you can still keep the smooth safety edges next to your pet's skin. Simply unscrew the nut at the top and reverse the blades so that they're positioned correctly for you to grip the handle with your thumb on the thumb rest.

Durable Stainless Steel with Non-Slip Grip
The Epica's stainless steel blades and thumb rest stand up to heavy use without rusting, scratching, bending or breaking. To minimize hand and wrist fatigue, the non-slip handle with ribbed neck give you a secure, comfortable grip.


With having two dogs, four cats and a rabbit the Epica reversible de-matting comb is a great to have on hand. I can use this on all my pets and it works great in all the different hair types.Duke sheds really bad in the fall and sping and gets the loose hair matted in his coat. With the Epica reversible de-matting comb I can brush him out and it doesn't hurt him. The hair comes out very easy and doesn't cause Duke any pain. My other pets like being brushed with the Epica reversible de-matting comb as the fur gets cleaned out and a fresh healthy coat is left. I give the Epica reversible de-matting comb 2 thumbs up while my pets will give it 4 paws up.

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Hip & Joint Supplement for Dogs #terramaxpro


The best Hip & Joint Supplement for Dogs on the market today. 25% of all dogs will develop joint mobility issues of some sort during their life. Our proprietary formula is specifically designed to reverse the effects of joint damage. It restores your dogs natural ability to heal and grow new cartilage. It nourishes and revitalizes joints and tissues which in turn improves your dogs flexibility and mobility. This also helps to prevent the possibility of any future stress injuries.

Since our supplement also contains a natural anti-inflammatory it doubles as powerful pain relief for dogs already suffering from arthritis or dysplasia. Unlike most supplements, TerraMax Pro comes in a liquid form which has been proven to absorb more quickly & efficiently than tablets, offering faster & better results. Our supplement has received praise from old and young dog owners alike!

Easy to Administer! Simply add the recommended dosage to your dog's food or drinking water. Under 10 lbs: 1 teaspoon (1/6 oz.); 10-24 lbs: 2 teaspoons (1/3 oz.); 25-49 lbs: 2 teaspoons in AM (1/3 oz.), 1 teaspoon in PM (1/6 oz.); 50-100 lbs: 2 teaspoons in AM (1/3 oz.), 2 teaspoons in PM (1/3 oz.); over 100 lbs: 3 teaspoons in AM (1/2 oz.), 3 teaspoons in PM (1/2 oz.). For even faster results start with an initial loading phase. Simply double the recommended dosage for the first 4 weeks. You will see significant results after only a few weeks!

** Made in the USA product **


My Duke is getting up in age and he has been having problems with his hips for years. We have been trying different remedies to help with his hips and joints as he ages. I was happy to have the chance to try the Hip & Joint Supplement for Dogs. From the day I got this I started using this in Dukes food and after about a week in a half we notice Duke having a little more pep in his step and chasing after the cats again. Duke doesn't seem to be so stiff anymore when he wakes up. Before we knew Duke was hurting by the way he would ease and get up slowly. Now Duke will bounce right up and he has been on the Hip & Joint Supplement for Dogs for over a month now. On a side note we went on vacation and I put the Hip & Joint Supplement for Dogs in his automatic water dish and the cats were drinking it too and my old Siamese cat is now acting like a kitten running and chasing after the other cats. I am now adding 2 teaspoons of the Hip & Joint Supplement for Dogs in the water dish every time I refill it so all my pets can benefit from it. I am very pleased with how this works and just ordered another bottle for my pets.


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