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Saying Goodbye To A BeLoved Pet {Sheba}


~ Sheba May You Rest In Peace ~

My mom and step dad had to make the hard choice to put their beloved cat Sheba down. The choice was what was best for Sheba as she was over 16 years old and had a very hard time getting around. The Vet my mom uses works with Noah's Pet Cemetery and Crematory. My mom asked to have Sheba cremated and the ashes returned so they could be put in the flower bed. My parents got the call to come and pick up Sheba's ashes as they were ready.

Sheba ashesMy parents were very surprised and pleased with the care that was given by Noah's Pet Cemetery and Crematory. There was a cremation certificate and a ceramic paw print made of Sheb's paw before she was cremated. My parents and myself thought this was so special. I loved the care that was taken over this highly sensitive matter. I now know where I plan on taking my pets when it is there time.

Sheba's paw printYou can connect with Noah's Pet Cemetery and Crematory on Facebook