TEMPO Sports Armband for iPhone 5 & Waterproof Phone Case


Here is two great items for an active lifestyle.


When you're running, working out, hiking, or doing simple chores or gardening, you can now listen to your favorite music on your iPhone HANDS-FREE while keeping your phone SAFE from shock, moisture, or gravity!

Listen: If you love to be physically active and you need your iPhone with you for calls or music, this is your best possible solution to the problem you've been having: carrying your phone in your pocket!

You'll keep your iPhone safe and secure at all times

You'll love the easy access to the audio ports – so you can quickly plug or unplug your earphones or buds.

Plus, even your iPhone's touch screen can be directly accessed through the clear, water-resistant screen protector.

Whilst not exactly 100% water-proof – this fully-neoprene armband is able to keep moisture away from your phone.

And, it's flexible enough to comfortably adjust to small and large arms.

Great emphasis and care has been made to insist on TOP COMFORT and our fabric is specially chosen for its smoothness and softness against the skin. And there are absolutely no fasteners that could chaff your skin.

It comes with an integrated key pouch, and it is hand-washable because the fabric is breathable.

My son Alex likes using the TEMPO Sports Armband for when he is playing basketball with friends and while he is out riding his bike. The TEMPO Sports Armband fits him perfectly and my son uses this a few times a week.

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Customers turn to us here at "Nice Splash" for a multitude of reasons. The first reason is ease of use. You might notice other cases who have those tabs you can lock and unlock to open and close the bag. Those are nice in theory but in the real world we find they easily break or come apart.

Instead we use a double seal mechanism that is not only superior for leak protection but it also lasts longer and is easier to use.

Another important reason people turn to Nice Splash is because waterproof phone cases are our specialty. You might notice other vendors sell hundreds of thousands of different kinds of products and their Waterproof case is just one of many they focus on.

My sister in law uses this all the time as she is very active all year round. Right now is winter and we have lots of snow. She uses the waterproof phone case while she is out skiing or snowmobile riding. This has protected her phone and she is thankful to have it.

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  1. I love that I can use it to bring my Iphone with me while I run. I’ve been wanting one like this for a good while!

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