The Strap Gummy: The Invisible Non-Slip Strap Solution

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The Strap Gummy™ is a grippy, concealed strip which discreetly adheres to the underside of your shoulder strap, thus preventing the strap from slipping off your shoulder!  It is virtually undetectable and will not alter the look of your bag.  The product works on any bag with a shoulder strap, including handbags, laptop bags, diaper bags, camera cases, etc. In addition, The Strap Gummy™ is also useful to prevent your bag from slipping off of a stationary hanging location, such as a chair back.  

Product Features:

    *The Strap Gummy™ is a flexible silicone strip specially designed with a high coefficient of friction to prevent your strapped bag from slipping and falling off your shoulder.  There is no tacky feel and it will not adhere to your skin or clothing.  It will substantially reduce unwanted bag slippage!

    *The Strap Gummy™ is completely hidden underneath your shoulder strap and is virtually undetectable.  Thus no worries about changing the look of your bag.  Each piece is approximately 5 inches long, 7/8 inch wide, and only 1.5mm thick.

    *The Strap Gummy™ will adhere to almost any flat or slightly rolled strap including leather, faux leather, suede, fabric, nylon, vinyl, etc. , yet it won’t damage your strap.  

    *The Strap Gummy™ is designed to be durable, long-lasting and resistant to peeling off the shoulder strap after applied.   It adheres to the underside of the strap using a gentle 3M® adhesive.

    *The Strap Gummy™ is made of flexible silicone designed to conform to the shape of your shoulder strap while it is being worn.

    *The Strap Gummy™ is available in translucent silicone and is designed to fit shoulder straps one inch or wider.  It can also be cut to size if necessary to fit narrower straps.

Strap GummyDo you hate when your purse or diaper bag strap falls off your shoulder when you bend down? With Strap Gummy your purse or diaper strap has gripping power and will stay in place more better when you bend over. The Strap Gummy works as I have been using one for over 2 weeks now. I like that I don't have to fuss over my purse strap falling off my shoulder every few seconds.I can see these being a life saver for all those moms that have to carry a diaper bag.


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  1. It won’t stick or leave residue on clothing and can be easily removed but they recommend you heat it first with a hair dryer.

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