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Titan™ paracord is made from 100% Nylon, measures 5/32' in diameter, and contains 21 individual strands, braided into seven seriously-strong 3-strand yarns.  Its official military designation is MIL-C-5040-H Type III Paracord, and has a total rated tensile strength of greater than 550 lbs. This makes paracord the ultimate utility cord, as it is light and durable, quick drying, UV resistant, and resists rot and mildew.

Originally designed as the suspension lines or parachute cord for U.S.. parachutes during World War II, soldiers found this cord useful for many other tasks including general utility rope, fishing, sewing, and so much more.  Today, virtually all soldiers and serious adventurers have access to the cord. 550 parachute cord is so versatile and reliable, that it was unofficially carried into space in 1997 and used by U.S. astronauts to help repair the Hubble Telescope.  Since then it has been incorporated into the inner construction of space suits and is regularly stocked as a general-purpose utility cord in the International Space Station.

Titan Paracord

Typical uses for paracord include attaching equipment to harnesses, as dummy cords to avoid losing small or important items, tying rucksacks or backpacks to vehicle racks, securing camouflage nets or tarps to trees or vehicles, and so forth. When threaded with beads, paracord may be used as a pace counter to estimate ground covered by foot.
The yarns of the core (commonly referred to as "the guts") can also be removed when finer string is needed, for instance as sewing thread to repair gear, or to be used as fishing line in a survival situation. The 32-strand nylon sheath itself can also be used alone, the yarn in the core removed, when a thinner or less elastic cord is needed such as when used as a boot lace.


Paracord in useWhen I got the Titan Military 550 Paracord it came just in time as I needed a way to support my tomato plants. Last year I used garden twine but it frayed and broke in places due to the wind. My porch tomato plants grow big and tend to get heavy as the tomatoes fill out. So far the paracord is hold up great and hasn't broke yet due to wind and we had 90 mile per hour winds come through. My tomato plants are starting to fill out and the paracord is doing its job.

My husband also put a good length of the Titan Military 550 Paracord in his hunting gear. The paracord is great to have on hand and can be used for a wide variety of things so I am glad my husband will have this in his hunting gear.

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6 thoughts on “Titan Military 550 Paracord #titanparacord

  1. How amazing all the uses! I can see why they use it. I like how thin it is but tightly weaved together for a very strong cord. It’s really interested that the yarns can be removed for even finer uses and purposes.

  2. This cord is amazing. It is great for crafts, projects, shoelaces, and quick repairs just to name a few. It rates right up there with duct tape.

  3. Wow, just knowing that this cord/rope is and has been used for space suits and on the ISS is incredible! Couldn’t really be asking for a more reliable cord than this! I like that you used it for your tomato plants! It’s nice that such high-grade reliable cords are available for public use.

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