ToiletTree Products: Single Wall Mount Dispenser


ToiletTree Products wall mount dispensers is the perfect way to eliminate clutter in your shower. You can now elegantly store soap, shampoo and conditioner in the bathroom. With the wide opening top makes refills fast, easy and spill free. The clear chamber allows you to see when it's time to refill. The dispenser is made using long lasting, quality materials that will not rust or discolor over time.

Easy to Install! No drilling required. Each unit comes with a mounting bracket which attaches to any surface using water resistant double sided tape and and non-damaging removable silicone. The dispenser lifts off the attached mounting bracket for an easy cleaning and refill.

DSCN9194To install was very easy to do. I only had to peel the tape and applied a small amount of silicone. After a few hours I put the dispenser unit on and filled it. I love how it looks in my shower and I don't need to fuss around trying to open my bottle of shampoo to wash my hair. I can have a hard time with the caps of shampoo bottles as I get my nails done and wear them kinda long. With the ToiletTree shampoo dispenser I just have to pull the lever and I have shampoo. I like how easy the dispenser is to use, fill and to clean. After using this dispenser by ToiletTree I now want to get a few more of these for conditioner, body wash and hand soap. I hope with getting more of these dispensers will help free up space in my shower and on my bathroom counter.

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6 thoughts on “ToiletTree Products: Single Wall Mount Dispenser

  1. Boy, could I use something like this in my shower. The soap and body wash I waste is considerable when both are stored on the shower shelf. The same is true for shampoo and conditioner. Plus, its a big pain cleaning the shower with all the caked-on toiletries.

  2. what a great idea, i love the fact that you can have something like that in the shower, i would use one for shampoo and one for conditioner 😉 but definitely would want one near a sink, less mess., thanks for share

  3. I could use this. We go through soap like crazy, and this looks so easy to refill. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Very useful. I like how easy the installation was. This would be great for bigger bottles because they are hard to wrap your hands around to open, especially in the shower.

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