A trip to say goodbye to mom

I am in a huge need of help as time is now running out and life is throwing us a curve ball. We have been saying every year over the past few years that when taxes come we will take a trip to see my husband's parents but them something would come up and our money would have to go for something else. We have gone through some pretty rough times from our car breaking down and going with out one to losing our home and having to move with out a notice. Just over the past year we have finally got our lives back on track but still living paycheck to paycheck like most people now days. We can easily fall back into trouble if anything major happens. We are starting to get some money together but I want be able to see my husband's mother before her shy drager syndrome gets worse. Right now we are working with Hospice to see what they can help us with as we can drive my truck down or would it be cheaper to rent a car. If I drive my truck it could easily cost $275+ in gas just one way. Then while we are there for the few days there is basic living costs like for food as my husband's mother is on a fixed income.

I want to try in every way possible to make this happen as I don't want to have any regrets. I know we are trying our hardest on our part to get the money together but we can use some help to make this happen. My husband is trying to work all the over time we can and I am taking any blog work that comes my way. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Any amount will help us get that much closer to taking the trip.

You can donate through the Go Fund Me widget above or through PayPal on the donate button. I will add all PayPal funds to the Go Fund Me as they come in and will give everyone credit by first name only unless you ask to remain private.

If you have a gift card you would like to donate please send a message to my email (s8r8l33 at yahoo.com) for my address

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4 thoughts on “A trip to say goodbye to mom

  1. I am so sorry you are having such a financial strain trying to get to your Husbands Mom who is so Sick! You are right in saying that Most of us do live from Paycheck to paycheck! In our case its monthly to monthly we’re on Social Security. God Bless You ~ I am hoping you will find all the funds you need to make your trip. I have a $5 Target Gift card I could send you. If you will give me an address to send it to. I wish I had more but You are more than welcome to it. Best Wishes Always..

    • Thanks so much for offering the $5 Target card. I think we will be okay with out it. I know how it is to be with out money and still wanting to help. Things are starting to pick up so I hope by the end of July we can make the trip.

  2. I will be hoping you all can makke the trip…. and wish I could do something for you. it werent for medical bills, I could maybe. Like Cathy above we ae on a fixed income and things are very tight here. Prayers to you hoping at least your husband can get to see her or hospice can find a way to to get you all there.

  3. Wow! I also have a $5 Target giftcard I would gladly give; that would have added to $10 if Cathy & I gave them to you. Maybe not for the trip, but school supplies are needed soon & it sounds like you’ll need a bunch of them. I too have lots of medical bills. I too wish I could do more!! So SORRY to read about your mother-in-law!! I don’t have a PayPal account. My prayers are with your family!!

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