Uh Oh Bands & Allergy Uh Oh Band

Uh Oh Band

Our simple, intuitive design uses the international symbol for first aid to send out a quick "call to action" to "call my mommy".  All you do is write your phone number on the back of the band.  It's simple and potentially life-saving!

A few more things about our bands:
100% silicone – that means they're latex allergen free!
designed by a mom
GREAT for kids with autism and learning disabilities!!!

Uh Oh BandsI was given some of the Uh Oh Bands to try out for my self. I like the new glow in the dark bands, as they are great for Halloween. The Uh Oh Band is very durable and easy to write on. I wish these were around when my son was younger but then again we didn't carry a cell phone lol. These bands would be great for anytime your going out to a busy place like the mall, play ground, beach, amusement park or a crowed event. I have been out with friends who have lost a child in what seemed like a blink of an eye. Even though the child was safe and not far, the child had no real way to get back to us. Now with  Uh Oh Bands a child can just point to the band and have a real way to get found.

Uh Oh Allergies Uh Oh Allergies band is a great way to let other what your kids can't have. With kids going to school, play dates, birthday parties and over nights, the Uh Oh Allergies band is a way to let others know your child has allergies. My son has a friend who is always staying over at our house. Until recently I never knew his friend had a nut allergy. I was shock as I always have bake goods with nuts in them and his friend could have eaten at anytime. The Uh Oh Allergies band would of let me know if the friend was wearing one.

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8 thoughts on “Uh Oh Bands & Allergy Uh Oh Band

  1. I think it’s great that the ink may rub off over extended use- particularly because if you have a cell phone change- or daddy has the kids vs mom, or grandma has the kiddos vs mom- you can change the phone number on the bracelet to accommodate any phone number changes!

  2. I like the Allergy Uh Oh Band – Kids, my best friends grandson has sever allergies, this would be awesome for him

  3. I learned that the “Uh Oh, I’m Lost” is a simple, non-threatening way for kids to tell an adult that they’ve “misplaced” their parent and need to get back to them.

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