Ultimate Dinosaur Dig Kit – 3 Real Dino Fossils and T-Rex Skeleton #discoverwithdrcool

Ultimate Dinosaur Dig KitThis is the perfect science kit for any dinosaur enthusiast! Our Ultimate Dinosaur Dig kit contains 3 genuine dinosaur fossils which have been buried inside a dinosaur themed digging brick. First your young paleontologist will uncover a genuine dinosaur tooth, dinosaur bone, and dino **** fossils (yes, they will get all 3 genuine specimens in this kit!). Digging tools, brush, and magnifying glass are all included in this kit. Plus, they will also uncover a complete dinosaur skeleton which they will need to assemble into a desktop T-Rex figurine. Our full-color guide book was written by teachers and is filled with awesome science facts about dinosaurs and fascinating information about the real dinosaur fossil specimens that they will uncover in this kit. Finally, we’ve also included an activity booklet, with 10 additional games, challenges, and puzzles to solve. There’s a reason why this dinosaur dig kit is the called the Ultimate Dino Dig—it’s because there is no other dinosaur product on the market that even comes close to offering the dino experience that you’ll find here!


My son was excited to dig into the Ultimate Dinosaur Dig Kit to uncover the fossils. My son set up a TV tray and begun to explore the kit. After a few hours my son had discovered all the fossils and spent hours away from electronics. I was happy to see my son active in something other than a game system. The dirt in the kit is really hard and made my son really work at uncovering the items and kept his attention. After about 2 minutes my son uncovered the first bone and was determined from then to uncover everything else. This was a great learning activity and will keep you busy.

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9 thoughts on “Ultimate Dinosaur Dig Kit – 3 Real Dino Fossils and T-Rex Skeleton #discoverwithdrcool

  1. I think this is so neat, wish I had something like this when I was younger 😉 love playing with the childrens toys heheh, thanks for share

  2. What a great little kit! I love that it comes with the digging tools, brush, & a magnifying glass. This sounds like so much fun and I’m thinking a really neat Christmas gift!

  3. the dinosaur kit looks amazing. My 4 year old would love to play with this. he is super crazy about these things.

  4. i can not rember what it ws when we were kid we had soem thingk like this were you had some kind of jell and had to look for gift or trinket and then i llike this my kid and grand son will like it

  5. I bought the kit for my grandson – saving it for Christmas. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention.

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