Us Likey: 4th of July Giveaway

US LikeyUs Likey is place where you can create and share your personalized collection focused ONLY on the specific consumer products, places, styles, brands, foods, gadgets, music, movies, hobbies and everything else that defines you. Share all the specific details about your personal preferences – everything from your favorite brand + flavor of ice cream to the type of perfume you wear!


4th of July giveaway rules:

1. people create an account (of course they must download the Us Likey app here to do this)
2. Follow Us Likey on Facebook here
3. posts a picture of their 4th of July #4thofJuly onto the Us Likey Facebook page

Us Likey will give a $20 gift certificate to EVERYONE that does the above.

~ Good Luck! ~



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