Very Convenient iPad Case Prodigy

 Very Convenient iPad Case ProdigyThe Case Prodigy is an insanely convenient design that makes using the iPad a breeze. With its patent pending magnetic kickstand, it is adjustable to 6 secure angles, from a low typing angle to a high movie angle and anything in between.

There are thousands of cases out there, and they all have the same problem, only a few angles and those angles are not stable at all. Our Case Prodigy delivers double the angles as a common case and unmatched stability.

– Microfiber Interior
– 6 Angle Lock Positions
– Sleep/Wake Function
– Secure Magnetic Closure & Cover
– Access to All Cameras, Ports & Buttons
– Magnetic Kickstand
Made for
2nd,3rd & 4th Gen iPad
Measures 9 7/8" x 7 3/4" x 3/4" Weight Now Under 16 oz
Case Prodigy in useMy husband loves how sturdy the iPad Case Prodigy is. The case is light but yet has great protective skin. My husband is always laying his iPad on the couch, in the garage, on the bed and even in the bathroom. With all the shuffling the iPad goes through the case protects it. I have bought and reviewed a few different cases and the iPad Case Prodigy seems to have the best durable protection by far. I like that when my husband has the iPad in the garage and gets the case all dirty with his mechanic hands I can wipe it clean with a disinfecting wet wipe. With all the angles the case offers my husband can see the info he needs while working out in the garage.
Back of case
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Disclaimer: I got the ipad case free to do this product Review and was not paid for my response.

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  1. Love the 6 angles. These are convenient and very useful. The secure closure and access to the camera are also really great features.

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