White Chocolate “Easter Themed” Treats #‎goodcookkitchenexprt‬

White Chocolate treatWith Easter right around the corner and the kids on spring break, I am glad I got the Good Cook Sweet Creations Spring Bark Mold to make treats with. My family got together and we made bark together.

Bark makingThe first step is to take one bag of chocolate chips and to melt them down. I melted mine down in a glass measuring cup in the microwave. I would heat the chips up in 30 second intervals and stirred them each time. after about 2 minutes the chips were completely melted. I then poured the chocolate evenly into the mold.

bark makingThe second step I did was to mix M&M's and walnuts in a bowl with a second bag of melted down white chocolate chips. You are free to use what ever filler you want.

making barkSame as the first step, you want to spread this evenly over the mold and then place in the refrigerator for an hour to set.

BarkMy bark came out of the mold very easy and just needed to be broken into separate square before serving. I let this set out for about 30 minutes to soften up a little before I broke it up.

finished barkHere is the finale look before everyone started to eat this yummy Easter spring treat known as Bark. These were gone with in a few days in my house and we are planning on making more but we will be using a new recipe that we saw on line. I will have to post about that one after we make it. This was fun for the whole family!

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5 thoughts on “White Chocolate “Easter Themed” Treats #‎goodcookkitchenexprt‬

  1. Very cute and a good idea for other holidays with different molds. Love the use of the pastel M&M’s. They add to give them some soft color

  2. I love these! I need to see if they have these for Christmas! and now I know about these for Easter! They are so cute and look yummy, too!

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