Wigglo Pets

Wigglo Pet

Wigglo™ Pets were created at the end of 2012 by 8-year old, Maya Grace. These cute guys respond to the owner's touch with no batteries, screens, or buttons. They harken back to the days when kids played with toys and used their imaginations.

Wigglo™ Pets are soft, soothing and make great friends. They are wonderful stocking stuffer s.

Each Wigglo™ Pet comes with it's own adoption paper. Maya and her toys have been featured in The National Enquirer, and she donates a portion of each sale to charity.

Wigglo PetMy niece was unsure about the Wigglo pet at first but after one touch she fell in love with it. You can make the Wigglo move just by rubbing it. My niece had the Wigglo with her all night. The soft furry texture is one that my niece really liked touching. Still to this day she likes to show me how she can get the Wigglo to move. The only bad thing about the Wigglo is that she has cats and they like to play with the Wigglo too lol

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Disclaimer: I got the Wigglo Pets free to review and was not paid for my response.

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4 thoughts on “Wigglo Pets

  1. My daughter would love this little guy, the fact it doesn’t need batteries is a huge bonus. Simple idea for a great cause, awesome idea!!

  2. I love that it was created by an 8 year old. I know my grandkids would get a kick out of it. I’m not sure how their dogs would take to it though. 🙂

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