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As any parent can attest, what item, next to the baby and the diapers themselves, do you touch in those first few years MORE than the baby wipes tub?  They're stashed all over the house for at least a couple of years.  The unsightly (usually teal-colored) plastic baby wipes tub.  Not the most lovely accent item!
Thus were born WipesWraps Baby Wipes Covers.  The world's first stretchable cloth cover to turn unsightly baby wipes tubs into the perfect accessory for any room or space. They are available in fun and fashionable prints for the nursery, living space, and bathroom.  Many moms and dads go to great lengths to make there babies spaces the most beautiful and serene space they can.  WipesWraps are a stylish, flexible, and fun solution to the challenge of hiding those baby wipes.  Banish the Unsightly Tub, that's what we say!
WipesWraps Baby Wipes CoverI like how easy you can use the WipesWraps Baby Wipes Cover to transform your wipes into any decor you want. I use the WipesWraps Baby Wipes Cover on my bathroom wipes. These are so very simple but yet can add so much to the look of your decor. I personally found the WipesWraps Baby Wipes Cover easy to put on and it fit my tub of wipes great. I know found that one of a kind baby shower gift. Check out WipesWrapes today and see all the designs they have to offer.

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WipesWraps Baby Wipes Cover

Disclaimer: I got the WipesWraps free to do this product Review and was not paid for my response.

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