“Zombies: Eat Flesh” tee from BrainEatingTees.com

"Zombies: Eat Flesh" tee from BrainEatingTees.comNow this is a shirt the my hubby and son fought over and still do lol We live only a few steps away from a SubWay and my son loves wearing this shirt there after school when he goes there with his friends. The Zombies eat flesh T-shirt is a great pun on SubWay's eat fresh slogan.

ZOMBIES EAT FLESH SHIRTDisclaimer: I got the Shirt free to do this product Review and was not paid for my response.

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2 thoughts on ““Zombies: Eat Flesh” tee from BrainEatingTees.com

  1. Zombies are really popular right now. From TV shows, movies, clothes …, I can see where this shirt would gain a lot of interest and popularity.

  2. Why are zombies so popular right now? Several people have asked me and I don’t know what to tell them.

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